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  Blackmailing & Ransom from doggy Organisation
Posted by: misterpositive2321 - 04-08-2021, 13:32 - Forum: Adult Workers Forum (Public) - Replies (4)

Dear all, 

I have decided to start this topic because I have recently received threats from escort agencies/crime organisation behind the advertisements on AW. 

I received a message that read along the lines of:
You are always asking about the price and time of our girls but you never come. As a result we lose a lot of business. We demand you to pay our loss of 2000GBP. 

The message goes on to say if you don't pay or disregard the message,  then they will take further action. They warned that they have every detail about me including my address,  my family etc. 
Finally,  they made aware they are not people to be messed with.  

Okay,  I must make one point clear that I don't book appointments and not turn up.  If I ask a girl if she is free and not get a reply,  you would ask the next girl. 

Anyway,  I not replied to the original message and there after received another dozens of violence threats. Has anybody come across similar events and would you advise to ignore or call the police


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  New user advice
Posted by: MadMan530 - 02-08-2021, 18:29 - Forum: Help And Support (Public) - Replies (7)

Greetings all

I am a new user of the AW site as a seeker of services and i am I have been playing with it for a few weeks now and i think i have it all set up correctly but the issue is i am not having any luck.

I have emailed a few members via the site, followed the rules, been polite and everything but i appear to be getting completely ignored. Now i don't want this to sound desperate or pathetic in a "why won't you love me" kind of way, I am just curious as to why no-one is replying. Now i accept that a lot of escorts are part time, they have lives outside of work and its wrong to badger them so on and so forth, but i personally think its polite professional courtesy to at least respond when someone asks you a question. It's gotten to the point were i believe i am doing something wrong.

This is not a rant or hateful venting, it is an ignorant user trying to understand what i am doing wrong. To that end, can anyone advise if i am doing anything wrong and if not, how i can get noticed/accepted by the members i am speaking to?

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  Lost sound in C2C
Posted by: maturesally38k - 26-07-2021, 19:21 - Forum: Help And Support (Public) - Replies (13)

Hi,  Can anyone help me.  I have suddenly lost sound in C2C,  I cannot hear the person at the other end of the cam.  They can hear me though.  The sound on my computer is working okay, so there must be something I am missing on C2C.  Hope someone can help, as obviously I am losing custom because of it.  Have tried looking in troubleshooting on the broadcaster, but can't find anything to help.

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  Scam/Spam message doing the rounds on AW
Posted by: admin - 26-07-2021, 13:28 - Forum: Help And Support (Public) - No Replies

Message comes from group Adultwork Boudoir Webcammers 24049 and group manager Bubble_Butt_Latina 5616111

Message is as follows:

"Hi hun,

I hope you are well

As from Wednesday 21st July the payment rules if you have noticed

So I was just reaching out to see if you were interested in joining my group

if you want to join my group i can offer you more than you get from AW when you aren't in the group so you do not loose out on any money by joining let me know if you are interested in discussing more

Feel free to check out my page to see that I am legitimate - I was one of the webcammer of the year winners and I have got 872 feedback in just over one year

I help all of my members maximise their earnings with most making over 500-1000 credits per day xxx

Love from Bubble_Butt_Latina xxx


Have a look at my private gallery and movies in the meantime whilst awaiting my reply (or leave me feedback for a free video- we would have has to have had a session over 4 minutes for this)

Add me to your hotlist for updates on when I am online and have uploaded new content"

The following parts are simply not right:

- "if you want to join my group i can offer you more than you get from AW when you aren't in the group so you do not loose out on any money by joining"

The rules did change regarding VAT on the 21st, what does this mean for AW members, for UK members, nothing changes, for outside the UK local VAT may apply, cost of this VAT? Around 6% (varies but not above 6%), cost of joining this group which claims to pay more? 10%. In all circumstance you will be charged more than directly via AW.

Always do your homework before joining a group on AW (any group). At a glance some other oddities on the group homepage are:

- "VAT REGISTERED COMPANY" - what does this matter? UK members dont pay VAT and as the group is registered in the UK neither would any other world members, its null and void.

- "This group is on the featured groups page at the top every day without fail!" - yet when we check today they arernt showing (nearly all days they do not show).

- "ALL MEMBERS ARE BRITISH AND VERIFIED" - both not true, scroll their the members and click on a few profiles to find them.

- "- Join For Free!" - always a classic, join for free but if you earn we take 10%. Its like a shop saying come in the store for free but if you want anything you have to pay.

- "- We aim to be the first on the FEATURED groups page every day (if not first top slot, we get second every time meaning when clients click on this page the group is one of the first to be seen!)" - doesnt make sense, when you feature and someone loads the page its a random selection, also they dont show on the groups page most days.

-"- This is not an agency it is a friends and cooperative group meaning we do not take large percentages of your credits, you will not find a cheaper group!" - literally dozens of cheaper groups.

-"- You can get your credits FASTER than any other group offering on demand! I offer instant on demand meaning you can get paid in the same hour as asking for the cheapest fee around!" - faster payout groups exist, one hour is good but dont claim to be the fastest.

-"We offer daily payout services for FREE" - another one completely untrue, scammy and down right insulting to the industry.

-"- Free Daily Payout
- Free Weekly Payout
- Free Payout on Request (On Demand on the day you request before cut off points 3pm and midnight)
- On Demand Payout at any hour even 3am if you need it for a small fee" - service is not free at all, its 10%, if you want an On Demand payment its 10%+ an additional fee.

-"- Instant Access to your Credits and No Minimum Amount Required To Transfer" - group terms state there is a minimum.

-"- TWO Daily Payments by 3pm and midnight- Paid On Time EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL (all other groups do one per day)" - sounds like they are doing group transfers for dailypay, this of course isnt dailypay then as you have to wait 24hours for the credits to mature before this option can be used.

-"- Free Advertising on Groups Page FEATURED DAILY and GROUP OF THE DAY Regularly" - untrue, not on the group homepage and they are also not group of the day, history page shows they havent been group of the days for the past 30 days at least,

-"- One Week Featured On Our Group Page For Each New Member" - contradicts the above, how can a new member be featured for a week on a page that only has 4 slots and when they also state the top 4 earners get the 4 slots, it doesnt make any sense.

-"- No unfair or unjust treatment to our members" - this really means, we'll treat you right but secretly take 10% of your earnings and not feature you at all.

Their FAQ states:

Q: What are the payout rules on this group? No Minimum amount needed for payout - Daily: TWO PER DAY (More than any other group) 3pm and Midnight - Weekly: MIDNIGHT Thursday

-" - we already know its not dailypay and why only 1 day per week for weeklypay? Why not the 7 days of the week like other groups.

-"Q: Why do I have to give you my password to join? A: This is the way all group managers have to add members to groups" - not true, if the group manager knew the AW systems in and out like they claim they would know this isnt true, there are 2 other methods to add a member.

-"Why did you want to make the group? What is the catch?

One of my members recently said to me this group sounds like it is too good to be true, what's the catch? There is absolutely no ulterior motive! As a well established webcammer myself I felt the need to create an ethically run group in order to have a support network for girls like myself and to help other webcammers/ escorts with maximising their earnings and making connections within the industry." - the catch is you have to pay for the service, you do not make more via them, in fact you make 10% less, one of the more expensive groups on AW.

-"Q: Do you offer a referral scheme or cash incentives to join? A: No and the reason being is I started this group with a few of my friends from the industry and it is mainly growing from referrals. The reason certain groups offer cash incentives to join is because they take large commissions of your credits, which I would never dream of doing as a webcammer myself I know how much hard work goes into it. The only difference is you have access to the money in your bank account faster!" - does 10% not qualify as taking a large cut? The only difference is faster access to funds? What about the difference in %?

Some group pages make have a slight error by accident or maybe old information but the above qualifies as a scam on Adultwork, if unsure about a group on AW, ask a friend, forums, twitter etc

Lastly, for a group manager who claims to know everything on AW, they dont know the rules, poaching members or mass spamming members on AW is a punishable offence, if the group is breaking the rules all accounts linked to the group are in jeopardy.

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  Cannot get onto broadcaster
Posted by: brittanyxxx - 16-07-2021, 01:07 - Forum: Help And Support (Public) - Replies (4)

Whenever i try to connect it says 
"Unable to login , this is not a broadcast only account, please contact your group manager"

or if It doesn't say that it will say that it cannot find a camera to stream from, one error messages goes away, another appears, cannot get on at all. 


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Thumbs Down The Internet is full of crazy people!
Posted by: peteraonfilm - 23-06-2021, 18:43 - Forum: The Lounge (Public) - No Replies

This forum is lame.

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  Industry filmmaker Looking for models
Posted by: @foreplay - 21-06-2021, 11:48 - Forum: Self Promotion Area - Replies (2)


I have just joined this forum. And looking to collaborate.

Wanted models to shoot for filming and photography.
Looking to start an Onlyfans channel and other channels for soft promotion, towards subscription channels working with models sharing revenue with you.

Models can use the videos and photos to promote their own channels public or private.
Wanting to grow relationships with models to grow revenue streams that mutually benefit both of us. Want you to come back time and time again, so we can really grow each other's platforms.
Use these photos/videos on your own private galleries to make money.

Please check out my verified Adult work profile Adult work

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  I think I will be 100% done with before too long...
Posted by: peteraonfilm - 20-06-2021, 16:11 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - No Replies

The women on there act so entitled. It's crazy. I should honestly just accept that just isn't for me. From being blocked for no reason to just sulking in the cold silence from the users, to like, not even getting laid at the end of it all. It's just not worth the fruitless pursuit and the drag that comes with the membership.

I have messaged tons of women, being nice. Sometimes, yes. I can come across as overly enthusiastic. But generally, I try to be laid back, because I know not to treat others like garbage. Often, however, I don't get any reply at all. Like what is the point of making an effort when nobody replies? It's just so off putting. Yet on OnlyFans, nothing you play loads up because of the terrible server and they even charge you to see their DM replies. 

A lot of profiles that turn up on the site are fake, or at the least, just there to self-promote external content. It's honestly become a minefield when it comes to finding anybody sincere, whether you're supposed to be paying for their time or not. 

Some women expect you to have like 5 positive feedback reviews before they will consider seeing you. Granted, I know that's to weed out the same shit I'm accusing them of doing - wasting my time. But what the hell is this? Bloody eBay? For Christ's sake. I wouldn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry on crappy sites like UKPunting knowing my business anyway. I'm a very private person. In fact, I have to be careful for a reason, giving the magnitude of personal problems I've had with people and I cannot let any of that leak out. 

I did tell a woman months ago I have autism, and she blocked me. Seems very much like she is just another one of the flaky sort. Well, her and her friend @MLSlave on Twitter, are sub girls. They look gorgeous, but the one named Bella has a misleading amount of information on her page, because when you contact her, she attempts to get you to visit Glasgow where her mistress resides, despite claiming to be based in Edinburgh. She also blocked me on WhatsApp too, for saying I had problems with the dungeon in Edinburgh. That wasn't terribly smart, I suppose.

The dommes there took the piss years ago. I went there in 2016 to see a Spanish visitor and some now defunct member of these forums said shit about me. Haven't gone there since 2016, but I don't know if I got barred. They were spreading nasty hearsay as well.

Oh my God. It's just not worth the hassle. The site is just full of arrogant women. It's enough to turn you into a poof.

P.S. This is the girl, here, who apparently hates all of the "retarded" men.

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  Directcam Issue
Posted by: Stokeguy70 - 11-06-2021, 17:04 - Forum: Help And Support (Public) - Replies (2)

Hi all,

When I start a new Directcam session as a viewer, not broadcaster, it starts connecting them after around 2 seconds jumps to not connected.

I’ve tried contacting the usual support route but with no success.

It happens on multiple different devices, browsers, etc.

It almost feels like Directcam has been disabled on my account?

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Thumbs Down Is Legsandlips fake?
Posted by: Queenie500 - 11-06-2021, 16:47 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - Replies (3)

She never replies to any messages I send, so why even sign up?


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