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  AW C2C twoway not working
Posted by: maxiboi94 - Yesterday, 15:45 - Forum: The Lounge (Public) - No Replies

AW update problem with cam to cam or is it just me problem with cam?

How will I fix it



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  Anyone on AW C2C not connecting?
Posted by: maxiboi94 - 06-05-2021, 21:37 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - No Replies


Is AW new update problem with c2c or is it just me problem with c2c slowing connect?

How will I fix it?


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Thumbs Down Are all mistresses straight shit bipolar?
Posted by: Queenie500 - 02-05-2021, 07:06 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - No Replies

I have messaged quite a number of those working in Edinburgh and Glasgow on OnlyFans, and Twitter, and was met with a barrage of unwarranted hostility. Especially from this English lady called Kinky Rabbit T, or something.

I don't even know what the hell I said wrong. I was always complimentary, enthusiastic sounding, and all. Maybe once or twice I said something dirty, naughty, or what have you. But they more or less do the same thing on their feed. Yet if you do it too, that's like, apparently disallowed or whatever. What the fuck? 

There's a lot of scammers going around, too. Like there's ones on Twitter that say they do both findom and femdom, but I suspect they don't even do meets. They make lots of sexist, misandry fueled remarks about guys. I don't know about you, but I don't want the tar beaten out of me just because I have a penis. 

Now I knew all this time that perhaps some of them could be rough diamonds so to speak, but it amazes me how cold many of them actually are. If they want customers, they need to like, not put people off. It's not just them either. The escorts advertising their services are time wasters overall. Many of them are just as awkward.

I have suffered many bad experiences from contacting these people. Sent some messages to one called Mistress Imara who looks half Chinese, and didn't get a nice reception at all. I mean, all I did was message her about music from Canada since she is Canadian, and I swear, they are so anti-social, it's ridiculous. No wonder they are doing this job, because I think society blanked their butts long ago. I don't know how they will ever get husbands or wives with that stinking attitude.

Had some tart scamming me out of about £40 earlier this year. I ordered one of those custom videos from her AdmireMe profile. She was all like, yeah, yeah, I can do that for ya. Didn't hear squat back from her for weeks. She claimed her messaging system was down, but I knew that was a crock of shit. She has a friend who is equally as impolite as she is, although she looks super cute... 

The one saying she's from Canada lost her mum. Poor soul. But while I sympathize, I don't know why this has anything to do with men that don't even know her personally.

Talk about egotistical. Money. Money. Money. Let us choke on that dollar bill.

There's one called Mistress Victoria from Fife. She has blue hair in her clips. But honestly, I think she could have a case of ADHD, as she has the crazy eyes look about her.

I was quite annoyed about that Mila blocking me. Never even said anything out of line, or to this Bella that she knows. Messaged her domme Domina Scarlet as well, regarding a future meet. They seemed fine at first, and then I just got the boot out of nowhere. The old hag was like, "You must have been rude", when I didn't even say shit out of line.  Angel

I think I had a lucky escape with some of these people, going by their funny nature. They're such sick geese, that it's a wonder they get any subs seeing them. I mean, it doesn't cost a dime to be at least a little civil with people, right?  Dodgy

I do blame the Internet, though. Fakebook and Twatter is turning people into absolute zealots. Or maybe they're just born that way. Terminally stupid females, plagued with zero class.  Undecided

It's the same with those Resident Evil fags too. You may say that the old games were far greater than the pointless shit that Capcom mass produces now. They then begin to accuse you of living in the past for having an opinion, when you know they're all shills in disguise. Oh my God!

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  Be Aware of This WG
Posted by: duncansw - 25-04-2021, 11:15 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - Replies (1)

Just wanted to make you aware of this nasty WG she went under the name of "Time For Love" aka Jane Johnson from Biggleswade. She is a 58 year old blonde and to start with she is very nice and friendly, but she preys on older guys and pulls them in so that when you have seen her a number of times she says she would like a relationship and go exclusive with you in return for a weekly income £200 +. Now I found out that she was also offering the same deal to at least 2 other punters, so declined and said I was happy to carry on with a monthly visit, at this she turned nasty saying she would let my family know what I was up to unless I paid her more money, Luckily the info she had was all BS so I called her bluff. She then threatened to call the Police claiming harassment. So I blocked her phone number and whatsapp Not heard from her since that was back in November 2020.

I have recently tried to see if she is active again but she has tried to delete her digital footprint ie Facebook, twitter changed her phone number so she must have been caught out big time by someone.

Although a new AW profile showed up the other day that set alarm bells ringing Can't be sure but too many things seamed similar, Although the age was about 7 years out but that's nothing new with WG. 
So I fired off an email to see what response I got up to now nothing and her profile is now showing "Content Provider only"  I won't say the name of this new one just in case I'm wrong.

I will keep you posted

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  Sweaty Feet London
Posted by: user1212 - 10-04-2021, 19:43 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - No Replies

Hi guys

Im looking for a lady willing to get their feet sweaty / smelly for a meet. Ideally in south east london or kent area. 

anyone happy to provide this please do get in touch & link your AW profile & i'll message on there

thank you in advance!

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Wink British Escorts
Posted by: miguelluis0582 - 06-04-2021, 11:06 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - Replies (1)

British Escorts are one of the most popular ones, and you must hire them once in your lifetime. If you love having fun, escorts are the best way to have it! They are very energetic and will make sure you are having the best moments with them. So, you should grab the chance right away. 

[Image: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e.60B27A7...zy6gby.png]

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Thumbs Down Mistressmalice
Posted by: Queenie500 - 02-04-2021, 12:11 - Forum: Punters Forum (Public) - No Replies

She also goes by the name missmalicex, and this is her profile...

The tart is a con artist, weirdo, and a misandrist. Apparently, she has "mental health" problems, as does her pal, Yasmineprince48. Nowadays, she hides her stupid posts by privatising her account, when guys like Mitch_thestud reported her lying ass. 

A few months ago, I paid for a custom video via AdmireMe. She then provided some bogus response about not being able to send messages, which I did not believe one bit. If you look at her posts on Twitter, she enjoys talking crap about people, particularly different men, and she was even reported to the police, resulting in more posts being publicly displayed that are basically mocking people. She even claims to have climbed a mountain on the Isle of Arran in her bra and panties, when she simply did cosplaying at the top.

All the best. Linda, aka Queenie500.

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Posted by: cassandra4you - 01-04-2021, 11:27 - Forum: Self Promotion Area - No Replies


I adore roleplays, being a creative person by nature roleplays give me an extra freedom for expression!
I love to create an atmosphere of complete escapism, dive into the depths of sensuality, to explore the world of eroticism, to live the dream with you, that what turns me on!
Roleplays with me, allow you to explore yourself, by becoming someone else!
Fantasies give you the freedom to be with whoever you want to be with, even if its a superhero,  however you want it, whenever you want it; and the best part is that you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed because it will all stay between just the two of us! Unless, its a threesome fantasy  [img=16x0][/img]
Catwoman’s seduction, Darth Vader and Princess Leia, Captain 69 and his Naughty Stewardess, 1001 Nights – Sheikh and his Exotic Dancer, Witch and Lost Traveler, Secretary Slut, Tarzan and his Wild Jane, Policewoman, Naughty School Girl, Seduction of Dracula, Russian Spy and MI5 Agent, this are just to name a few from my repertoire! The world of fantasy is endless….
Please don’t worry, if you’ve never done a role play before. This is about having fun together and I’m happy to guide you through things with a smile. If you are an experienced  role-player, for your information, I am a switch and can easily play submissive or take the lead if its needed…
I love to plan our meeting, thinking about scenarios in which sexual adventures take place, searching for the right outfits, music, light …is so exciting! Its like finding the right ingredients for making a magic potion! A unique atmosphere and unforgettable experience is ready for your pleasure!
If you feel that role-playing is something that you want to explore with me, please let me know; with a little bit of time and preparation everything is possible!
Who knows what levels of ecstasy you can reach once you unleash that wild uninhibited imagination of yours …
Lets live the Fantasy together!

High-class escort in Bristol & London
[Image: <a]" class="mycode_img" />

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Video Why has AW implemented a minimum charge?
Posted by: Cleo_Specter - 30-03-2021, 20:54 - Forum: The Lounge (Public) - Replies (1)

Only just noticed this today, so not sure how long this has been in place, but my IM client charges are now 0.95 creds including the VAT. when i went to adjust the price it seems the minimum we can charge for IM services is 0.80 creds? with the VAT charge on top for clients i feel like this is going to put off a lot of them using the IM system....surely we should be allowed to set out own prices as AW still get their cut...Especialy in the current economic climate. :/

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  West Midlands Escorts
Posted by: miguelluis0582 - 30-03-2021, 13:34 - Forum: Adult Workers Forum (Public) - No Replies

If you wish to hire W[b]est Midlands Escorts, you should not think twice before doing it. They are the prettiest escort you will ever meet, and they know how to make your day worthy. You can share everything with them as they are a great listener, and make sure you have gained the energy back before going home[/b]

[Image: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e.EDBAFC5...ffy9a.jpeg]

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