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Anyone know if this is allowed on adult work?
Basically I have a friend who used to be a cam girl until about a year ago when she got in to a relationship and he made her delete her profile. She could really do with the extra money and I have told her how much she can make just by videos and she is interested. Her boyfriend has agreed so long as she doesn't have her own profile. I've said she can use mine and any payments from her videos sold will go to her and I would write something on my profile like "you can also see my friends videos" and id make clear in the vid title/description it was my friend.

Is this allowed or will she be required to sell them on her own account?
I think AW rules are that if it's not your property, you didn't create it and/or you aren't in it then it's not allowed.

There is an option to set profiles to content only, this way she has better control over stats and seeing requests for specific content which may be sent. Plus it shows very clearly on the profile that the content provider isn't available for webcam/phone/meets etc. Is that an option for her?
I agree with ana on this one. You could very well end up getting your own profile deleted.

Maybe it would be an idea for your friend to discuss having a content only aw profile with her bf and telling him the username and password so he is able to log in and look through it whenever he likes.

Otherwise there's always the option of clips4sale instead. I hear that videos sell better on there anyway plus she could go with daily pay so she wouldn't have to wait ages for a cheque from the US.

I hope your friend finds a solution.

Solution= ditch the boyfriend. Sorry but he sounds like a control freak.

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It says on the movies page "The movies you upload must feature you, have been filmed by you or legally belong to you. You must be able to prove this if requested."

There are profiles that have clips with other models in them, and obviously quite a few girls do content share. I think the best option would be for her to have her own profile and set to content only as suggested above x

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