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What's your Twitter?
(25-11-2015, 20:58)oneandonlyMrsJones Wrote: Put a link on your AW profile to Twitter

Here s how

Links Help - Can I link to Why aren't my links appearing?

You can provide links to other Sites via the Manage Links button that appears on your Edit Profile Page. Please do not enter links in your profile details or summary, sale items, blogs, field reports or email signatures/auto-responses.

The website that you are linking to must display one of the Banners, before you specify the link.  This is because we wish to maximise the exposure of your profile in order to build your online business.

If no reciprocal link is found your link will simply be removed.  (You can link back to using your Referral URLs and/or using one of the banners here.  Links to your profile page or group page are shown at the bottom of each.

No need for http- that bit is already there

Hey, some important info here, thanks. Am I correct in thinking your links also only show if you've got a phone or pay for links to be shown though?

& to the op, my twitter's in my kisses x
Blush heres mine
......and mine @MistressLucyXX

And mine Smile

Yes luvtofuc they only show when you're paying for featuring of some kind x
Hey guys and girls,

Come and follow me at
(25-11-2015, 16:53)1ndyg1rl Wrote: Hey lovelies,

I'm newish here and wanted to get to know some other cammers. I've set up a Twitter today and would love to know what yours is too..

Mines @1ndiaR0se xxx



I've just set mine up, don't know if I've done the link properly tho, I'll follow everyone xx

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