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Photographer *NSFW* Image Thread
removed by user.

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Do you have a link to your website and official profiles on professional sites? References available? I notice there is no watermark on those collages you posted, are you sure you own them?

Only advertising is a Fetlife profile, only payment is via paypal? Not very professional.
So a warm "Welcome" there then, Cheers...

I don't have a website, im offering a private service not a public one. References yes. What's wrong with paypal? I don't only accept that, but it's preferred because it logs the payment, were you expecting someone edging into the adult world would have CCBill or something?

Since when in your experience does a thumbnail carry a watermark? - but to answer your question, yes all my images are watermarked, though with my main one rather than this new BB alias, future watermarks for this service will carry that.

My only profiles exist on model mayhem (recently rebooted / images id be posting here anyway) and purpleport, as for adultwork, no I don't have £30 a month to throw at that just yet, bookings for photographers are rarer than those wanting deep throat I suspect :p. And ya, im pretty sure I own them yes lol.

And yes you're right, it's not professional, however right now, it's all I have available. I'm not a professional, I don't list myself as yet, a professional. I'm providing a service, which i'd like paying for, i've done my learning years on TF and am now starting to move to a charge for work basis. If the work is there I'll register up, pay tax and all the usual stuff that's a given.

Be nice not to have such negative stuff right at the top of the thread though. My goal is to shoot, give great pictures you gals can sell and earn from, and get paid myself for my efforts. The end Smile
Not negative, just a prudent reminder to girls considering using your services to do their homework. There are a lof of creeps, rip off merchants, and worse out there. And ladies in the adult industry are generally pretty savvy customers when it comes to photography so you should be prepared when trying to promote your services to them. Why for example would I pay you £25 per hour when I know many qualified, experienced, and trusted photographers already who work in safe environments and give results which will bring me £££.

I'm not meaning to be negative, and I wish you luck in your search for business!
That was always my argument, why pay only models wanted £25ph when I could find perfectly good models willing to work TF... most of the better lasses i've shot are members of the public giving it a go, and not even actual models. Go figure.

Yeah I see where you're coming from regarding GWC's - there are plenty, but I don't advocate YOU pay me £25 ph + all the conditions you list, you're 200 miles south of me Smile

Yes it's a minefield, but that's what chaperones are for. And, had you at least waited to actually see some my images get uploaded, youd at least have a clue what kind of image quality I can provide.

"qualified, experienced, and trusted photographers"
- What qualifications ? - does a qualification give you a creative eye, no it doesn't.
- Experienced - Pretty hard for anyone to get any experience at all to BECOME experienced with that very limited viewpoint. Granted you don't want a noob doing it, but that was the point of this thread, uploading the images for you to see. I didn't expect it to be shot down in flames before it had a chance to even start, thanks for that. Much appreciated.
- Trusted: Trust is earned at built over time. It can't go anywhere unless you give it chance Smile

As for why... considering what sex workers charge... £25 is hardly breaking the bank, and imho, wholly reasonable. Especially if you plan to sell the images as sets to earn far more than that ? - and not being funny but, looking at your very few publicly available images on your Adultwork profile and twitter feed, you could do with the help. Looks to me like you don't actually KNOW 'any' of the qualified, or experienced photographers you speak of. Bit of a fan of selfies in fact, superb quality there, keep it up, very professional, as is a bright pink comic typeface over the middle of your images, not in any way distracting..

Anyway, that aside, what would you do if your favourite, trusted, experienced, qualified photographer decided to retire? You'd have to try another one... Point.

Yeah, you're kind of shutting me down before I have a chance, and creating an air of negativity around me before I even get started - so that's ok, I get it... you don't want me here, there are other forums. Thanks for your feedback and welcome.

Post locked. Leaving this up here for future reference for any ladies who might find the information useful.

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