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AdultWorks Finest Performers (How to join Dailypay on Adultwork)
Note: This thread needs updated, as of Oct 2015, all services are now free or we'll pay you an extra 2.5% on Payout On Request and Weeklypay.

The joining form is here. Our Skype is "dailypayservice".

We are the largest, longest running, most successful group on Adultwork.

The Dailypay Service currently offers its service to around 1200~ active Adultwork members and thousands more members on various other sites. (,,,,,, etc)

Ones of our main groups can be seen here Its the largest service operating on Adultwork with over 156K positive ratings.

Benefits of joining:

1. VAT will be removed from the account, you will no longer have to pay the extra 20% VAT on non-live services (or purchases) and any VAT already paid will be refunded.

2. You are able to select Dailypay as an option eg anything made today is paid tomorrow instead of waiting for 3 weeks.

3. You can also select Weekly payouts or the very popular Payout On Request.

Payout On Request is the most popular setting for Escorts as it allows you to get paid on an amount you select when you wish, eg if you have 45 credits and you only want to be paid out on 30 credits you can request this via our quick forms. You will also not have any VAT to pay on displaying phone number, available today and wont have to upload any VAT sensitive documents to Adultwork.

4. Minimum can now be set to as low as £10 for UK bank transfers and $20 for Payoneer transfers.

5. There are currently 3 lines of paid advertising being offered to the group members for free, these are:

    5a. Adultwork homepage advertising here

    5b. Exclusive forum advertising here

    5c. Groups homepage featuring here


    5d. Unique location featuring here (the four images near top)

6. No negative balance problems.

7. Automatic instant approval to access the Private Area here on the AW forums

8. You may leave at anytime, we have no restrictions here.

We also operate on a long list of other sites, seen here.

On sites such as Clips4sale and Skyprivate its cheaper to join us than use the site directly and on Skyprivate you get paid an extra 5% while using our service!

There is also a Twitter promotional account here @AWs_Finest

20% VAT removed making our service free for AW members


Auto dailypay: 6% 
Weekly: 3.5%
Payout on Request: 3.5%

*Remember, if you wish you may change your password before submitting the form and again after submitting the form. We only need this once to verify you own the account and it will never be asked for again after.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

I signed up to this group after being in another one and I wouldnt dream of leaving it. I earn alot more now than I ever have on Adultwork.

I would recommend this to all Adultwork members!! Big Grin
I use daily pay and am very happy. Been with the service on and off now for two years and had no issues with payment or anything else. I have increased my profile hits and earnings due to the various extra promotion dp gives us Smile
I might be asking too much but can we be featured on the homepage everyday until the new year at least?
I've been with DP for about a year and a half. Paid everyday like clockwork, no issues, and great communication when queries arise regarding the service and even general Adultwork probs. I recently started using Daily Pay on another website I use too.
DailyPay is brilliant. Getting paid every day means I can manage my money so much better. Always get paid on time and it ensures I have money in my bank account to cover my bills rather than waiting 2 weeks for the usual transfer from AW. Big Grin
Never been in a group before and was a little Cautious about Doing so.
But very glad that I did, The money I earn is paid in the very next day never had any problems.
Helpful and friendly and trying out new things to make more money for us.
I could not rate this group any higher hundred out of a hundred.
Thanks dailypay for making work much easier knowing I'm getting paid the very next day.[/b]
I am a member of Daily pay and boy has it been a life saver. Instead of waiting for weeks to be paid, I receive my payment promptly and without hassle each and every time. There has been a few occasions when I needed a loan for things such as car repairs, school related fees, etc and they always came through for me right in the nick of time. I recommend any cam girls just starting on this site or those who are already on here who could benefit from increase exposure ( which equates to extra $$$$) or just advice to consider joining daily pay Smile
I've been in the group on and off for about 2 years now. I've had a few problems here and there, but nothing that was not ever fixed quickly. My payments are on time and PJ has even edited videos for me and help with other profile stuff. Also, PJ has even done favors for me at times when I wasn't in the group.
For me, joining Daily Pay was one of the best things I've done. The extra support for dealing with AW helpdesk when needed, having my money the next day and so on... fab!

I'm rather lazy so knowing that I'll see the cash the next day motivates me to work Smile

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