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Why Has My Profile Been Removed?
This post has been taken from here and here.

If your profile has been removed the answer is nearly certainly within this post.

Please see the two articles below:

Article 1:

Why has my profile been removed?

In order to maintain the site's integrity and safeguard the members within, we have to adopt a near zero tolerance policy for persons that are in breach of our Terms of Use.

When you register you acknowledge that you read and understood these Terms of Use. Any update to the Terms is indicated by the date that appears at the bottom of every page. On each visit to the site you should check that this date has not changed since you last viewed them.

The most common reasons for removal are:

Your email account is no longer accepting emails.

When the site sends you an email and we have received a bounce-back from your ISP, because they are not accepting emails sent to your email address your account is automatically suspended. You may re-activate it by re-verifying your email address using the links on the Login Page. From there you may also change your registered email address in the event that you no longer have access to it.

You removed yourself

There is a button on the My Details page that says 'Remove Me'. If you click it, you are removed. If you click on the Reactivate Me link on the login page within 1 month of doing this your details will be restored. After that, all your details are deleted.

DirectCam Term Breach

DirectCam providers who abuse the DirectCam facility by not providing live interaction, devalue DirectCam to exisitng and prospective new members. Such activity causes a decline of the viewing membership which in turn devalues the earning potential of all members offering this service. Any members found to be abusing the DirectCam system will be subject to whatever action is deemed fit by us and will most likely result in deactivation and loss of credits accrued. Specifically Members are not permitted to post messages or banners within the Freeview section of DirectCam and/or run pre-recorded shows.

Terms Breach

Putting a phone number, email address or website URL in your profile, (or picture/movie), in a field that that is not specifically for that information. In other words, there are specific fields for phone numbers, email address and website URLs, if any are found in areas other than these specific fields your profile will most likely be removed.

You will also recall that the terms state that all members are expected to operate in a fair, open and honest manner. If you have a Private Gallery and/or Movies but are not offering any other service then that is fine, tick the Erotic Content tick box on your Registration Details Page, but, if you say that you are offering services such as Escort or Webcam when in fact you are not, then your profile will be removed. Tactics such as this, to increase exposure of your Private Gallery and Movies, will not be tolerated.

We received SMS 'STOP' Keyword from your mobile number.

This STOP keyword received will automatically deactivate accounts to ensure that the person who is in possession of that number has subscribed to this service. If you have mistakenly sent this SMS to us, please contact us via the Help Centre so that we may reactivate your account.

Article 2:

This is not an exhaustive list. Please check our Terms of Use for the full list. The items below are the most common reasons for why content/profiles are removed.

1. Specify a telephone number anywhere except the two telephone number fields. Mobile Number and Phone Chat Number. (This includes phone numbers in pictures.)

2. Specify a URL anywhere except within the Manage Links section of your Edit Profile Page. This includes pictures but does not include movies. If you choose to add a URL then the website at that URL MUST display one of our banners. Ensure our banner is displaying first before adding your link. Banners can be found here. If you're offering services full linking code can be found at the bottom of your My Details page.

3. Advertise as offering something that in fact you don't. Advertising as an Escort or Webcam provider when you are not actually offering that service is not permitted. Similar tactics to increase exposure to your private gallery or movies will also result in removal and loss of credits.

4. Create more than one profile advertising the same person. The only exception is if this person is also advertising with someone else as a couple.

5. Pay members, or incite payment, for services offered on this site outside the credits system. This pertains to Webcam and Phone Chat bookings. We play no part in the payment for Escort bookings.

6. Members are not permitted to run pre-recorded DirectCam shows and/or display banners/messages within the Freeview Section of DirectCam. Please refer to our Terms of Use for further information.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

mine has been removed because it has been reported the pics do not belong to me, that is totally untrue, they are 100% mine, I may have posted them on other sites and my old escort site in the past but they are mine
Thats perfectly fine. A simple process will have your profile back up and running shortly.

Follow these instructions to contact Adultwork Support.

Make sure to include your username, they may ask you to verify your profile.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

Thanks for your help, hope its sorted soon. All I did was change my name
I had the same thing Alexis. I had my photos reported as not being mine because they showed up on TinEye. They would do - they're me! Only 'problem' is sometimes is that I'm a model & that's what my images are used for - they're known as library pictures.

Hope you get things sorted quickly - they DO want you on AW - you just have to deal with precautionary measures in place to protect our identity.
thanks, I wish it was simple, its now been two days without a reply, I have hotels booked for Monday and Tuesday and no way of people to contact me. They don't make anything easy
If you dont get a reply for another few days you may have entered a question that is already covered in the help section. You may need to re-word it.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

My profile has been removed please can you help me admin reactivate will never bother you again please help me thank you last help ok please xxxx
Admin, my profile has been deactivated, As this is my profession and it is essential to me and I only do full time escorting please can you reactivate my profile for me, I am so sorry to bother you and will not bother you again unless it is a valid emergency like e.g my URL missing ok or someone hacking my account. Please can you please forgive me.
I would be so grateful and I appreciate you tons, i love my profile and do not want to lose it though and know I have already wrote too many messages. Just let me know when you have reactivated my account
Profile back on.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday


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