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Escort No Show - Full Payment Taken
Hello all,

I feel I may have only myself to blame here. However, I'm hoping to get some advice, please.

I booked for some companionship a couple of nights ago at my Hotel, which was done via Reverse Booking.
Contact was engaged with what I thought was a lovely person.
All was agreed upon after conversing via text to discuss likes, amounts and times.

I sent a small amount via transfer as a deposit to confirm it was being received, and then the remainder of the balance was sent.

At that point, despite an agreed-upon time, no further communication was had, and that was the last I heard from her.
No replies to text (No longer showing as read), and the same for messages via AW

Have I any comeback or resources available to me to recover the money, or do I take it as a big lesson and loss?

Her number is on Google and comes back as an Agency, although it is not showing on AW as such.
Her profile has received ten feedbacks; however, it is hidden. Normally, I would take this as a Red Flag, but in this case, she had several very positive field reports.

Any help or advice will be gratefully received.

Many thanks
AW replied to the issue I raised with them.
Unfortunately there is nothing they can do, as they state they are Platform for users to access, they have no responsibility to the content.
So still out of pocket and red faced. :$
Hi, thought I replied to this sorry, you would tell the bank you sent the transfer to the wrong details, they'll request it back for you. Dont mention scam/fraud as you will have to prove it then. Even go for the second payment and say you mistakenly sent it to the same person as the first. Make it plausible.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday


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