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Privacy 2018
Hi All, 

I originally posted this in the wrong section I think so am reposting here. 

So a couple of things have been playing on mind mind in recent weeks, I’ve scoured over the forum but can’t find the answers I need, so I thought it would be better to ask. 

My issues resolve around privacy. 

Firstly, AW states that you cannot reactivate an account after one month of closing it, but do they store any information beyond that? If they do, what and for how long? 

Secondly, during private direct cam shows, what information can they see? Do they record shows for example? Are the chat logs kept once a show is ended? 

I’ve recently changed my hole life around and decided to follow a different path, but I live in fear that some obscure show from a year ago will come out or the things said in confidentiality aren’t as private as I once thought. 

The AW help and support pages aren’t nearly as open as you would like to be about these things.

Hopefully you guys can help, or at least point me in the right direction. I’d be very grateful. Do the Admins have any info on this? 

Hi All,

Quick bump. I’m surprised that this is nothing anybody seems to know about. Admins?

When an account is deactivated, the information associated is deleted after 28 days. No more information will be stored.

They don't record the shows but anything typed is stored somewhere I think, chat logs can be reviewed by them and so they should be - otherwise the site would be full of illegality.
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My chat log is in my documents on my computer, don't know if AW also keep a copy.
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I'm pretty sure they hold chat logs too for TOS purposes.
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Thank you so much for coming back to! You’ve helped out a lot.

So basically once an account is deactivated then they hold no information anymore after 28 days.

They don’t record shows but chat logs are likely kept. Do these delete these after the 28 days do you think?
It's probably likely they clear the logs occasionally for storage purposes but theres no way to tell.

Only reason to have any concerns is if you were chatting about something illegal in the chat logs. Thats the main purpose of them being kept.
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