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Melody Melody - Beware Timewaster
(01-05-2011, 13:44)Jeansman Wrote: This escort operates out of London and can be seen on AW advertising from various hotels across the UK.
I booked her some time ago for 31st March to see her in Lincoln. Good exchange of e-mails prior to the appointment and we agreed to meet at her hotel.
Drove there - 1.5 hrs and just before I arrived she said she scould not book into her hotel, as that hotel does not accept cash, only credit cards - the latter she claimed not to have.
She apologised profusely, but declining my offer of a later meet, claiming she had another appointment she could not get out of. She also claimed to have to book another hotelin Lincoln that accepts cash.
She offered a 50% reduction for an hour appt for when she booked into a Leicester hotel for a three day visit in April.
I e-mailed to express my disappointment at a three hour wasted trip, shortly afterwards, and e-mailed her again on 27th April to ask what was happening.

Not only has she not read my e-mails but refutes that she made the appt, claiming "not to provide the services asked for", and yet I have her e-mails confirming the booking, and agreeing to what I have asked for.

My feedback on her AdultWork profile proclaims her as telling lies and enjoying wasting a genuine guy's time, which she refers to as "annoying". Not half as annoying as driving for three hours on a wasted journey and being lied to.

The purpose of this thread is to make all genuine guys like myself,with good feedback - aware of an escort who not only tells blatant untruths,but also actually enjoys standing a guy up - and to make genuine escorts aware of this individual.

Caveat Emptor.

sorry mate you have to gone trough that

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