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What does Adult Work pay for for you?
(03-02-2013, 10:34)Classy_Katy Wrote:
(02-02-2013, 22:44)wife4rent Wrote:
(02-02-2013, 19:01)Classy_Katy Wrote: Wow...I'm going to start selling my knickers on ebay!

Thinking I must start wearing knickers....

OR Buying some cheap ones from the market and a tin of Tuna from Lidl

Sarah x x x

I looked at my local market but they just sell granny pants and bloomers!

asda - 3 for £5 Smile

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The tax man can just look into your bank account if he wants. He can also check your credit rating, see where you're registered as living, see if you've applied for any benefits, and also look at the incomings and outgoings of your account.

By law your bank is also duty bound to report any suspicious activity to HMRC in terms of large sums of money coming in and out... Any time you earn interest, it also gets reported to HMRC.

Oh, and don't forget friends/foes... People can be green eyed monsters. (I know from personal experience.) They might just decide to report you if they *think* you're not playing ball legally.

Just a few thoughts, I used to work as a civil servant.
Nobody expects to go bankrupt but that's another time when financial affairs will be investigated.
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(02-02-2013, 23:32)kitty Wrote: I'm guessing a lot of the guys that buy panties probably haven't been near any nether bits in a while lol Big Grin

HAHAHA!!! Yeah, I agree. I don't think anyone with a full sex life needs to buy used knicks.. Wink
if you search "private knickers" on ebay there on there
(03-02-2013, 20:58)Rebecca Wrote: if you search "private knickers" on ebay there on there

Well bugger me sideways!

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A couple of people who I work with sell used shoes on ebay. if you search for "trashed" clothing or shoes I think they are listed there also.

One of the things I have been told is that as long as in your ebay advertisement you state that you would clean the items to a good condition "upon request" then it's legitimate. Obviously the people who buy them never request this.

We found a guy selling used sports socks for £5-£10 each. Madness!
camming is my only job I do 2 houras a day 7 days a week I make 100 a day its my old job and wouldn't change it for the world it paye for everything next month it will pay for my new boobies yay Big Grin
(03-02-2013, 23:22)manchester_gent Wrote: We found a guy selling used sports socks for £5-£10 each. Madness!

Ahhh... but.... is he selling them? Or has he just got them for sale?

Not necessarily the same thing at all.

I had a look at those knickers....

99p with 2mins remaining - 0 bids
99p with 6mins remaining - 0 bids
99p with 10mins remaining - 0 bids
99p with 12mins remaining - 0 bids

Frankly I'm not sure where you buy knickers at that price!

I might start buying used knickers off e-bay... it's a damn site cheaper than buying them in the shops! lol

And then there is this one....

[Image: %24(KGrHqZ,!h4FDk-+oK8NBQ+4fiGw+w~~60_57.JPG]

... strangely that one has 21 bids and is currently going for £12.50! It's a black nylon thong which probably isn't worth the 99p the others aren't selling for!

A picture speaks a thousand words!

So... who's going to be first? lol

(....and my apologies to Rebecca)
Transsexual working girl in Surrey
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Call 07856 061172
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I'm surprised that auction hasn't been banned, really. Ebay are so anti pornography that if you're selling a pair of shoes and modeling them for the auction picture, you aren't allowed to have a picture which shows bare legs beyond the knee! I've been banned from ebay once for that very reason and it was an entirely innocent auction to boot!

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