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What a cunt!
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I messaged this dominatrix called "Goddess Erryn Hex" yesterday, on Twitter. She mainly works at a dungeon in Glasgow, but she also has herself a private residence in the Queensferry area of Edinburgh now. Well, I said to her, 'You're beautiful'. The 21-year-old slag replies with this insulting garbage: 'Then pay me'. 

Couldn't really be arsed sending her a gift on Amazon as it would take forever with my slow 4G Internet to go through the checkout, but I know what funny buggers these so-called mistresses can be towards men on a general level. You'd almost think they were all misandrist types by what they say about most males. I mean, I know what the term 'dominatrix' entails, but this is almost borderline abusive.

She said that if any guy contacts her by DM without sending a £15 tribute first, they'll be blocked. I should have looked for the red flags, going by her snooty attitude alone. In fact, I did offer to buy her a DVD box set on Amazon, and I politely said, 'If she wanted one'. As in, I offered. The bitch replied back with, 'Is that a serious question?'  Angry

I knew some dommes could be cold and ignorant women overall, but for fuck's sake, hen. No wonder the world in 2020 is so bad when you've got cretins like this sweetie wife infesting the God damn Internet, being all pretentious, and dare I say, selfish? Certain humans really are shallow critters after all. People are dying of Covid-19 exposure every week, and she's harping on about her own needs. Way to make yourself sound caring, doll. Undecided

I sent her the tribute via online banking nonetheless, as she has her bank's sort code and account number listed on her site for us daft guys to comply with her shitty ass demands. Granted, it was only £15, right? However, I'm almost broke until mid-April, and so I shouldn't have bothered. After sending the money, and sending her a message about my DVD collection, just trying to break the ice, she blocked me right away. Fucking skank better watch out, because some guys could turn aggressive on a lady who talks shit like that to them.

I made sure to PM her afterwards, letting her know what I thought of her attitude. I basically just said she should wisen the fuck up, or go through life being a mollycoddled heap of trash. You should read her public tweets, by the way. Clearly she thinks very highly of herself. Perhaps Daddy didn't treat her nicely as a child, so this is her trying to bring down others with her. Dodgy

It's a good thing I've a knack for dealing with pitifully fickle people like that, having encountered so many of them in the past. You wouldn't talk to a checkout assistant in your local Tesco like they're a piece of shite, right? Why do it with complete strangers online then? 

This is her website. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of free clips of her online for you to see what she is like, but her Twitter posts usually have a few seconds of her rabbiting on about some self-indulgent tangent in any case.

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Appearance: 10 out of 10, looks-wise (to me, at least).
Personality: 0 out of 10, for being a man hating broad.
The way you are talking about this woman is vulgar

"Fucking skank better watch out, because some guys could turn aggressive on a lady who talks shit like that to them"
What lovely words!!

It is simple if you don't like someone or how they operate feel free to move on you butt hurt nasty little man

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