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Coronavirus and escorting
Hi everyone, I recently met with a worker in Bristol from AW, long story short, after advice from friends I was tested and confirmed positive, I am young (20) and nearing end of isolation so all ok on my end.

So just a quick word of warning to be careful out there!
Does this person know they gave it to you? Maybe worth making them aware in case they didn't know they had it..


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I should of mentioned that part sorry! Yes they know, Ive seen her before so we chat a little bit when im in the area so was brought up in conversation. Havent heard much since so not sure how things are going on her end, most likely isolation again. I suspect she will be letting other clients know etc Ive been advised to add another week onto my isolation time and it could be extended at any moment, seems to be a constantly changing situation advice wise.
You'd be surprised how many women still go ahead and punt, knowing that all of this is going on in the world. I guess they need money, or maybe they don't, but they want to do it regardless.
this covid19 is getting serious now, adultwork must also do there part now and stop all phone nos, also email addresses to stop people meeting.massage parlours are closed now so should incalls, swinging sites have now stopped all there meeting forums.What are adultwork doing.nothing.seems to be with adultwork money is more important than someones death.
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How are you feeling now?

I gave up on AdultWork today, as I just kept getting ignored and some replies are just of the upmost arrogance. Probably just gonna stick to the wanking and the occasional sauna visit, whenever that's operating as normal.

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