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Hey Girls - What Do I Do With My Lingerie Collection
So Ladies... I have a little dilemma, to be honest it's one that's been going on for about 5 years lol... 
So jump in my time machine (I am the Doctor you know) and let's go back to around 2015... We had two massive on-going projects at the time, a Big Boob project (natural girls size 8 and 10, with 32G and 32H sized boobs *natural*)  and at the same time a Teen Girl Next Door project (natural girls size 8 with 34B/32C sized girls roughly) 
A lot of the girls would turn up and have a very limited amount of Lingerie, so we decided in both cases to start buying Lingerie for both projects, and have subsequently ended up with a SHED load of lingerie... most bought from La Senza (how I loved La Senza) For the big boob stuff we have somewhere between 50-60 sets, each set being a bra and thong and/or a pair of French knickers... And for the teen girl next door project I would say getting on for 100 sets, again each set being a bra and thong and/or a pair of French knickers... 
SO what should we do... we're not shooting anywhere near as much as we were... and don't envisage ever having the need to have this amount of stuff (along with a load of other stuff we have in our studio wardrobe (yes that's right more stuff to sell lol) 
So we have a big come and buy day in Milton Keynes... do we run some sort of auction... do we sell it to models... do we sell it to fans ? Really not sure what is best... Maybe a studio want's to buy it has a job lot... But one thing, I won't sell it cheap... I would rather have it gathering dust in the garage than let it go for stupid money... The sets, certainly the ones that include a bra, thong and French knickers ran us to around £40 a pop... and got some really nice super sexy ones [Image: bigsmile.png] 
Anyways any suggestions greatly welcome... 

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Why don’t you sell them on adultwork if they are worn clients will pay good money for them xx

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