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Viva Street skanks!
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Avoid Viva Street.  Confused

I booked a girl on there on Friday, I believe, because her photos looked decent and she said her profile was "100% real" as well. She was giving my address details for an out call. She claims she got lost. I told her I'd go out to withdraw the money, and she asked about a bank transfer. HELL NO!

I text her my full address and she said she was in a taxi, which I now doubt was the case. After some more texts, and a few calls where they cut out frequently, she said she couldn't find my address. I told her about Lidl up the road, and then she made out she was there. She wanted me to come meet her, although I'd already been out to get the damn cash, but I said I'd be 10 minutes. Then she text me back, saying she was leaving, and text me her address.

Fucking idiot...
I've been avoiding vs for quite some time now. They're all "100% real" in reality, it seems like the girls I tried to book were certainly bait and switch or scammers of some sort
I went to have another look at vs again for old time sake, looks like they've removed the blurring on user accounts so looks like all girls are working again. For sure one to avoid - I don't want corona. How do you even socially distance on bookings?
It's a waste of time. Just like with People block you for stupid reasons, read your messages, but do NOT reply, and wow. It's shite! Sad
I think wherever you go, you're always going to get blocked by someone - some how, someone's always offended by something huh?

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