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Has anyone else noticed AW being dead??
Come Jan 2020, I'd have been working on AW for 10 years.
But, since summer of this year, it's been difficult to earn.
Over summer, I assumed it was quiet with kids being home/holidays etc...but it hasn't picked up. It's gotten worse and worse. Most weeks I'm loosing money now. 
Today, I've only had ONE cam call.
They spent a fiver.
I've spent £15 so far positioning.
Has anyone else noticed anything??
Before summer, I'd easily be doing at least 500 a week, and not have to work too hard. I'm lucky if I make 200 now, being on cam for 12 hours a day.  Confused
Any help/info/advice??
I’ve got no help or advice sorry, because I’m experiencing exactly the same. It’s dead beyond belief. Be interesting to hear how others are finding it.
Yeah me too, I've had my current profile since 2009. I've noticed a massive drop lately and it's deflating! x

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I think you will struggle to find anyone who doesn't share this view. Most people have just cut their losses and moved on to other ventures/sites/jobs..
Its not so bad around payday but it dips after a week until next payday
Generally do ok but that is because I am also on other sites as well as Twitter which brings in the odd client too. This week on here however has been rubbish. I put it down to the lead up to Xmas.

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A massive drop for me, I would have at least 5 - 8 members a day on Direct IM take me to PVT,

The past 2 months have been shocking and the past 4 days, nothing despite been online for 12 hours a day

I've changed my photo's to see if this helps, alter my pricing but nothing is working.

Summer was fantastic, as soon as September approached it completely tapered off, even my regulars I don't see in my room anymore.
I don't even have as many members come into free chat either. I find it rather odd to be honest. I've actually come offline now to think about things as Im actually feeling idle on AW even though Im logging in 12 hours a day. I think its time for a break. 

Unfortunately, AdultWork is primarily geared towards a UK market. And we are in very uncertain times. We have the whole Brexit mess, which seems impossible to sort. And then if that's not bad enough, we have a general election next month.

Plus, Christmas is on the horizon.

Everybody is being careful with their money. They're panicking in case of a no-deal Brexit. They're panicking in case whoever gets in during the general election, screws them over even more (and it will likely be a hung parliament as per usual. Personally, I think they should all be hung!)

Plus, it's the UK tax season. Self-employed folks have tax bills to take into account.

It will pick up. but in the meantime, here's some tips to deal with the quiet times:

1. Create content. I find that my content does VERY well while live-stream is quiet. So when you're quiet, that's the time to create it.

2. Don't put your eggs in one basket. I am signed up to multiple cam sites. I generally stream on Streamate & AdultWork at the same time. I don't use split-cam. I have a second webcam and do it that way. I have found Streamate to have good traffic and I'm doing very well. Lately on the AdultWork side, I'm doing well via DirectIM and phone chat. Strange I know, but I do better with that than I do on cam.

3. Market yourself. There are plenty of sites to get yourself out there - Sharesome is proving to be a brilliant place to market. It's not a paid site, as some girls believe. It's simply a sex-worker friendly social media site. Another one to use is New Tumblr . It's like regular tumblr, except it accepts NSFW content. I also use ManyVids as a social media site too!

4. DON'T REDUCE YOUR RATES. However tempting it may be, don't do this. Charge what you're worth and you'll get quality over quantity. Longer shows with fewer freeloaders & timewasters.

5. If you do use free preview (I have to say AW is the WORST for freeloaders), use sound. Guys wanna hear the sound of your voice. They don't a girl who's sat there, typing away. And get off your phone. Nothing is more off-putting than a camgirl who's sat there, not engaging, and just messing about on her phone. Clients want to know that you WANT to speak to them. Be inviting and you'll convert them.

6. Keep your profile fresh. Add pics, clips, private gallery pics regularly. I upload free pics every 3 days. PVT gallery every 3 days and clips at least once a week.

7. Log on regularly. My regs know what times I'm generally logged on. They look forward to it and are there when I'm there. Stick to your schedule. And don't leave your social media profile empty. Tweet pics - even if it's the day to day pics. No makeup pics are proving to be popular. Guys love it! Consistency is the key to success!

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I joined here today due to this question so thank you for that answer deviant

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