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Data breach?
Last night, two separate women in my group had the same customer go into their rooms and after asking them to get the boobs out, proceeded to give their real names. Of course both girls denied it and booted him. reported to Adultwork this morning who have basically said the girls must have given details out and allowed themselves to be found. I would believe this if it was only one. But this was tow separate girls. Did anyone else experience this recently?
Are the women using their real email addresses? It could be that the customer has somehow found their email address and from that got their real names. I only say this because somehow some AW members have been emailing my personal email address (it's using my alias thank god), even though it's not visible anywhere on my profile and never has been. I don't know if they've found some kind of hack?
Hi, does the group have a group whatsapp?
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri

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No we have checked that with then and we do have a WhatsApp yes

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