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Heads up Girls....
Just a word of warning girls, as this has only just recently happened to me, although I have heard it happening to other girls to, so clearly it's not uncommon.

I've been an AW escort verified member since November 2017.
No issues and no problems...until now.
I discovered my profile details, name, picture, etc was being used elsewhere, on various other hosting sites unbeknownst to me..!?!
Whether it is someone else 'posing' to be me...which I have heard happening before on VS.
Or it's something more sinister I don't know???
Whatever it is, it's serious slander.

I'm am grateful it was brought to my attention so I could act on it. But there lies another long has someone being plagiarizing my profile..??

It's disheartening and dangerous to think someone can ride off your already established profile/ reputation/  feedback, set up a new profile elsewhere and claim they are you, advertising services you do not, only for people to revert back to your AW page.

Hence the reason why I felt compelled to share here with the AW community in an effort to prevent anyone else being targeted, so just be vigilant girls.

Subsequently, I've changed my user name and profile pic in hopes to stop any affiliation between my profile and this copy cat.

It's annoying sure. 
But that doesn't bother me.
What bothers me is someone using my name and potentially offering services that I don't!
Creating the misconception I do!!!!!!!!!

It's funny...writing this now really puts it into perspective how "communication, interpretation and information" is 'absolutely paramount' in this field, which I have always had a healthy respect for, thus enabling some of the most fun, engaging and pleasurable experiences of my life.

I absolutely love escorting. 
But when your personal parameters are  potentially jeopardised, as well as health, safety and discretion compromised, it really takes the fun out of the play...but I guess this just proves that you can never feel to safe in this game.
And that is something I won't compromise.
So I guess the real question is...when the fun stops, should you stop...?

I would be interested to know if anyone else has ever experienced the same....?
If anyone has, please share and keep us girls informed, in the know, and safe.

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