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Romanaryderelite fraudster
Hi all

So I had a hour incall booked with the pornstar romana Ryder in Milton Keynes.
Famous pornstar, what could go wrong.

I got asked to pay a deposit to secure the booking, which I did.
A few phone calls and texts later, this turned into a 2hour outcall booking. A further deposit was required and paid.
A few more calls and texts later, demanded and bullied into paying the full amount up front.£220.

Pornstar, what could go wrong............

I was not surprised when she never turned up, when I called her, my number has been blocked, emailed her, and blocked.
I have kept the texts to show anyone, I have nothing to hide and did no wrong.

Be careful with this girl
Wow, that's a howler. I'm on benefits, so I know that's a lot to waste.

Somebody tried it on with me several weeks ago. She had a joint profile with some other foreign girl, and she wanted me to go to an address in an area known as Lochend, in Edinburgh. I didn't really feel like going, as I could sense that she was fake, and just saying anything to get guys to go to hers. I don't really travel much because of having anxiety issues, and I felt knackered as well.

She made up some story about having a flat in Stenhouse (also in Edinburgh) and that she needed to go from there to the flat she uses for her in calls. When I didn't go, she essentially threatened me by demanding that I pay a cancellation fee, or else I'd be sorry. Then she threatened to report me to the pigs, saying that if I get arrested on a Friday, it will be a peach.

Anyway, I happened to be on the scourge of the Earth, UKPunting, and I seen a thread where a guy said he went to see one of these girls. They typically use aliases like "Dark Sexy Cocoa" or some shit, and the guy paid over the money. He was offered a coffee, and she locked him in the flat and apparently had to go out to get some. She returned and said he had to leave right away, as her nephew was coming over. Then she changed her story to her being visited by the police, but the guy was clearly rumbled.

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