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I've sent a couple of emails regarding my pay from Tuesday as it was less than expected and I haven't had a reply. Just checking in here in case you have missed the messages as I know you get very busy and it may have been swamped by other messages Smile

I was paid £50 but was expecting around £66 so I think what's happened is the 25 credit sale made on Tuesday was missed off. Would really appreciate you checking when you get the chance. Thanks a lot xx
If it's AW I think the sales need to mature I think which is 7 days from purchase? Not sure if this helps any lovely. I know when I've made sales I wait those 7 days before they get added to my DP payment xxx
My sales have always been paid the day after before so unless something has changed? Xxx
Hi, looks like staff got to this before me sorry. All ok now.

For sales, auto dp pays them out next day, on request and weekly is paid out when they mature as they are only added to the balance for withdrawal at that point.

UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri


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Yep got reply to my email last night thanks a lot! Smile xx

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