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Hi Everyone, I’ve been on AW since November, wish I had found it years ago lol.
I’ve done well, I think, doing 2000 credits in my first two months and now edging up to 3000+.

This is , I assume, due to the fact I turn on at 6am and turn off at midnight and only turn off in between if I need to go out. 

I have to say that for the hrs I’m not sure it should be better. 

A friend just left a groupsnd went independant and said she has domucb more traffic. 
Anyone had this experience. She did 200 credits in just over an hr last night when I had one of my quietest nights ever lol

I just want to get the most out of the effort I put in xx
It mostly comes more down to what times you are online, how good your cam is, how well you engage with visitors etc than anything else.
Yes it’s the luck of the draw. Some days are mental and others not so but for no apparent reason. Being in a good group is helpful because you get the support. DP is great as you can get your money whenever you need it and the private forum has a lot of really lovely ladies you can interact with. This can be a lonely existence and it’s great just to be able to have a chat and learn about the site and how to make the most of your profile. Good luck with your camming x

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