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Dailypay groups which dont actually pay daily? More common than you may think.
Hi all, we, Adultworks Finest Performers, were recently asked by a service provider if they did a webcam booking today would it be paid out tomorrow? eg dailypay. We replied back yes of course. The member replied saying we were the first to say yes to the question after asking 5 other "dailypay" groups.

There is literally only one rule to be a dailypay service, you must payout daily on anything earned the day before.

"Main rule - if a member earns it today, the funds must be sent next day.

Failing this one very simply obvious dailypay rule = you are not a dailypay service."

It turns out that these others groups dont in fact payout anything you have earned the day before, this includes webcam bookings, phone chat bookings and sale items, none of which are paid daily after earning them.

If there was a regulatory commission for the industry, all 5 would be in hot water. If you are in any of these groups you are not getting what you pay for and should ask for removal and refund if they cannot provide the service.

The list of groups which have dailypay as their service but do not offer the service are:


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-¤- DAILY PAY -¤-

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The only way is XXX

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Adultwork • TOP SHELF • Independents

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One of the groups replied:

"If on daily pay then any available credits will be transferred on a daily basis and paid into your bank account. Credits become available 24 hours after you earn them on directcam and webcam bookings. If you sell an item it takes 1 week before the credits are paid into your AW account. In our group you will not get paid for credits that are still held in escrow by AW. We only pay when the credits are available for transfer.

Daily transfer and payments are currently performed each afternoon between 3 - 6 pm, so you would get paid for anything earned up till around 3 pm the previous day. Anything earned after that time would be paid the following day."

Which basically means if you work today at 7pm Sunday 5th Nov, you would in fact only be paid for these earliest 7th Nov after 3pm.
And if you sold an item you would be waiting until next week at least for your money.

Thats hardly dailypay at all. The above groups are nothing more than cheap imitations.

The groups that advertise as offering dailypay and actually provide it are:

Adultwork Finest Performers

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Fifty Shades of Heaven

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UK Office landline number is 02892108055 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday

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