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Why you need an escort Girl ?
They do it because they get an itch which needs to be scratched. It may be as simple and primal as that for most. Plus it is easy as the only responsibility is to pay. When that is done. The pen#s can play.
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(26-11-2014, 16:14)Diva Gina Wrote: There are all sorts of reasons why someone might want to see an escort.

Absolutely Smile
Maybe their partner wont participate in some of their fantasies? Thats if they have a partner of course.
Don't really need an escort, but while I decided I was done with relationships for a while I missed the feelings of intimacy and of course sex: most of escorts I have seen have been able to provide me with that for short times which made me happy.
i like the variety Smile
Indeed, mainly for variety and fantasies......... nothing wrong with that!!!!
(01-01-2015, 23:36)Slutty Davina Wrote:
(26-11-2014, 13:21)aaliyahuk21 Wrote: Hi Guys, please post here proper reason, why men need escort girls and female need male escort.


Ok and please only in my case because I an TS / T-Girl / Transsexual but most of my clients intitially come to see me for the novelty factor although some enjoy and keep coming back.  Slutty Davina

Hugs Davina xxx

They shouldve mention tv or ts 
The worth of the escort service depends on what you are looking for when hiring an escort.
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i have a high sex drive and i love it to see an Escort. Also when i am travelling for business, it is nice to have a lovely Escort on my table at a lovely restaurant, Much better to go there with an Escort as having dinner alone
yes it's a very good idea to hire an escort, there are many advantages why people hire a sexy escort many hires as they are not happy with their sex life, while other people hire them if they are travel alone and need a good companion.

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