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Britains porn stars on Twitter
Britains Porn Stars & Porn Star Escorts PORN ESCORT CHANTELLE FOX ASS FUCKED VIDEO!/Glamourchicks SmileSmileSmile
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Mel xx
Devon Breeze used to be in Edinburgh for long enough, but she has since relocated. I think Skyler McKay used to be in Livingston. It's a waste of time trying to book her.

Also, a lot of these porno babes charge like £400 for an hour. On your... bike. I know women can charge whatever they want for their services, but that's kind of over the top.

To each their own, I guess, but this is what Skyler used to look like (although she is now referring to herself as Sloane Taylor or some shit).
Sadly my twitter was taken from me, banned, still not sure exactly why, anyways...

I suppose now living over in Spain, i´m not classed as a Brit pornstar any more, but Spanish lol Big Grin

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