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The warm water was like heaven on Kari’s body, Peter began to soap her and caress her body as he washed her. Kissing her face and neck as he washed, telling her over and over how pleased he was with her and how proud he made her. After the shower Peter walked Kari back to the room she had woken up in earlier. The bed linen had been changed and it looked most inviting to her weary body. Peter turned back the covers and invited Kari to get into the bed. When she was lying there he got in beside her and took her into his arms. Sleep came quickly to Kari and just as it overtook her, she heard her Master say, “Yes, my love, you did well tonight. However, there is something we must see to tomorrow.” He kissed her sleeping brow. ” Oh yes, I am going to enjoy teaching you not to cum unless I say you can!” Delhi Escort

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