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Lift and Carry desperation
Hi there,  

I have a fetish for a lady to carry me on her back.  I used to have a wonderful lady who would do this for me in Nottingham but I've moved and she's too far away
Is there any  other lady who would be ok with this? I live near Cardiff and it's like trying to get blood out of a stone. I've contacted dozens of ladies  here  and elsewhere without success. The situation is either I get no reply or there's a flat refusal or on the very odd occasion of a lady responding positively she suddenly doubles her rate. I'm wanting to be carried not drink her blood. Please help as I'm tormented with no relief. Thanks in anticipation.
Just a question:
Why are you into that kind of fetish?
This is the first time that i "read" about that kind of fetish
What is the big turn on about carried?
Who was the lady in Nottingham?

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