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Good Morning all

I'm aware adult work are undergoing site maintiance at present , when I try to log on I'm getting this message , I'm wary to log in ...Is anyone else getting this ?

thank you 

charlotte x

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Getting same message on my mobile also ,
Hi, I was able to log on fine about 10 mins ago (got up late- massive spider in my bed last night ugh), but I've seen on Twitter some people having this problem, so you're not alone.

I hope it's changed since you posted this and you're back in. xx
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Hi, should be working at the moment, worrying message to have appear though.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

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I thought the point of site maintenance was to improve things. Today, the broadcaster has been horrendous! Worse than it has ever been!
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Do you think AW is worth it now? I appreciate the energy crisis is a worry, but AW seems to be quiet ...Maybe it's me, I do need to revamp my profile with new content but as I work on real farms and outside it can be difficult to get content done, and the weather. I have not found aw to be so hit and miss, it just seems to have no end of problems atm with the new broadcaster, movie upload issues, and profile word referencing being clamped down ( Which I think is great to cease certain words) I'm close to giving it all up....there must be other sites out there with fewer issues, Never thought I would say or feel like this...

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