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youtube video editor wanted permanent or long term
I'm looking for a long term or permanent video editor for my YouTube channel.

I need you to create 6 paranormal compilation videos for now 15-30 mins long each, including redoing this video as a dont have the source video file.

But i will need 12 videos done per a year 15-30 mins each, but i will buy these at the beginning of each year.
The full requirements for each video i will provide later on

My exact price is £50 per a video max which includes the motion graphics which you will be using templates mostly from evanto with a small amount of editing needed. including adding a few words for each one which i will provide all text.

All you will be doing is just editing and putting each clip from the videos I want you to use  at certain timestamps which are mentioned in the docs for the requirments, which i wil provide later on.
And adding the text at different timestamps mentioned in the docs as well, you wont be creating any of the text as its all provided in the docs.

I will need two versions of the same video for each video, one with all the text for the voice over to read out which i will be paying someone to do and one with the audio replaced instead of the text, which i will provide the audio file with the voice over in later.

The audio will be all the text that appears in the video at the same timestamps as when the text shows.

So you will have 2 of the same video for each video but one with text and one without the text and with the audio instead.

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