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Sapphire Models disgusting behaviour
When I joined AW it was with Sapphire models, WOW huge mistake!!
Every girl was told that they are the best and dominate AW, they look after their girls and offer support....hmmmmmm. Support was a flurry of generic messages copied and pasted numerous times. Main message was "FEATURE FEATURE FEATURE" "IF YOU ARE QUIET, LOWER YOUR PRICES" it became repetitive and made you feel that as long as they were getting something they didn't care what the girls earnt and made you not want to log in and it felt pressured. 
*Jumping forward to why I am writing this post*

I am going through a very volatile divorce and my ex found out I was involved with Sapphire but did not know how or why. I informed Faye of this and said due to this I wanted Sapphire removed from my profile and I was leaving the group, I also informed her *I have the messages to prove this* I wanted to keep my AW profile as I have worked hard to build up good feedback etc. I said again I wanted to keep my AW profile. I received such a lovely response " So you are going to another group then* I informed her I had no idea what I was doing but my safety and sanity is my priority, I then received another caring message "Clearly you are, I wish you would just say lol. but no probs will sort, take care* This is a group that care about their girls HAHAHAHA. I did join another group @heralteregouk and they are so supportive, you have a dedicated mentor and a group chat with no copy and pasted pushy messages!!
My new group manager went to my profile to add me to the group only to find the delightful Sapphire models had cleared all my profile details, completely BLANK!! The only thing left was my pictures, name and feedback. I AM both angry and amused a "professional" group would be so petty and childish and completely unprofessional but worse was to come!!
A big part of my earnings were my calls as I work my vanilla job all week so am only able to take calls, I had built up some great regulars and it was very rare to not receive at least 1 call a day, the manager of my new group went in to check my profile to find the again delightful sapphire admins had ticked the box to stop me getting calls etc from the UK!! I have never known such dirty underhand sly and downright nasty behaviour since I was in pre -school and someone hit me because I took a doll back that was mine!!

I am not the only person this has been done to either, also another girl messaged them to say they were leaving and she was offered 64% of what she earnt to stay, instead of the 50% which means they are NOT being fair to all the girls that so crazily stay with them. unfair practices just to keep hold of girls....also a sign of desperation I would say!!

Yeah any group with london or sapphires or gems or the like are run by managers who act like children. Im pretty sure your vip group is formerly 50 shades, who arent a whole lot better iirc

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