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Scam in Milton Keynes Area
Hi everyone,

Never done anything like this before but if it happened to me it'll deffo happen to someone else and if this post helps someone else in the slightest to avoid this scammer I'm happy!

Her name on there currently is Bigbum_mia - her phone number - +447519934470 - 07519934470 - (link below to aw page)

I dont usually meet anyone without talking to them first due to previous bad experiences, she provided texting services so I queried on whatsapp about booking a texting session (all printscreens links are below) - however after payment was sent she blocked my number (as you can see from the one tick, also previously her image was showing)

Dont want to drag this on but if this post stops anyone from being scammed then I'll feel as if ive done my job. Be careful out there guys and dont go for any with zero feedback

Her Adultwork link -

Printscreen links:
Hi, caution always to be exercised on the site and the use of AW credits. External payment methods are an easy way to get scammed.

Did you report them on the AW site ok yet?

Thanks for sharing the experience.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday


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