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contacting a WG

i've used AW a few times but mainly contacted the WG via mobile number provided, however recently i've seen a few without a number so i message them via the AW e-mail, but it seems my e-mails are getting deleted before being read(from what i've read in this forum).

i'm just trying to arrange a booking so my e-mail title is  "booking" am i doing something wrong here? the profiles even ask to send a message.

Yes I have had this happen a few times it appears that they don't read or answer emails via AW did they have a private email listed? you could try that or just wait till their number appears when they are working but save it so you can text them later if needed.
maybe it's the subject of your emails - are you using one?

They probably get 1,000's of emails a day with either no subject or something dull - you going to open a boring email?

Some, I agree, just don't bother opening their emails but it's always worth trying a punchy subject line - hope that helps

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