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How can people even think is good for meeting hot women?
After reading your all posts (and inbox as well) the only prognostic I can give you is that you had a very abused childhood, maybe by your mother ...get help soon. Like you say and very well, we don’t need to be like Einstein to work that out. When you refer to Ana or ‘the ladies on here’ you actually are talking about your mother. Sorry, but You should be treated ASAP.
You need to stop watching Psycho.

Woman, what the hell are you rambling about now? My mother hasn't abused me and my childhood has zilch to do with what I'm even actually talking about. No, no.

It seems you're all delusional here, and acting all one-sided and like arrogant tossers as usual. Of course, I'm supposedly the black sheep here because you insist that I'm "insulting" your kind by stating that I've had shitty experiences, because I didn't say anything you wanted to hear or because I'm not opening my wallet to you. OK? In your world, that makes me a misogynist or a lunatic for displaying some rare honesty. Really? How so...

(30-09-2017, 17:15)Rambo was a pussy! Wrote: Go fuck your mother, and quit harassing me because I'm entitled to have my own opinions. Jesus, you're too lazy to find real work too - yes
Not sending you fuck your mother cause that must be normal for you but I’m also entitled to have my own opinion, don’t I?...THE END!
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My mate cannot stand females. He says they deserve to get a beaten up, and I cannot say I really blame him for thinking that way. While I do think some women out there genuinely qualify for protection, and don't deserve to be treated that way, many hookers (i.e. you) do deserve it, because you're lippy, full of shit, and think you can get away with all sorts because you have a pussy.

It's like America. Nine. One. One. Self-inflicted. Greedy country that deserves to have millions more die. You see? America brought that on themselves by poking their noses into silly daft wars. So it's not at all surprising a gang of Sambo son of bitches did WTC. Who really did WTC, though? Yep. The US of A did WTC. So I ran home in a hurry, to see the action on the telly! Americans have slaughtered people in Asia for years, yet you don't really hear fuck all about it anywhere. Do ya? Yep. Gagging orders, and whatever America does, Britain must follow.

Women in general have gone downhill for decades. Who are we kidding here? You lie on your back shagging and popping out babies 24/7 just so you can get offered up a free council house, while people with disabilities and who actually earn a living miss out because houses are being reserved for the wrong sort of people. So, yeah. Call this sexism all you want, but I'm just throwing some truth out there, but I can see it's gonna be a waste of my time as usual.
I am just curious as to why you feel the need to come here where us lazy whores reside.You clearly have a pathological hatred of women and I feel very sorry for you being filled with all this bitterness and venom.Anyway I am off to catapult another baby out between all the shagging..........
I found Jesus, in full HD once again, if that helps. Jesus ruled the world many centuries ago. It was Adam first, but then a fig leaf came along!

Big Grin

He just can’t stand the fact we WOMEN are rulling the world more and more...we’ve got a QUEEN, and the seats on parliament are being taken over by women...if we don’t take the seats of parliament we go under the desk do blow jobs to the president, cause WE WOMEN CAN...and you men are as week as you sound...get over your Vietnam traumas! 

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You may rule the forums, girls, but Tears for Fears still rules the world!  Angel

Isn't this cool? I can drive a tank and shoot the gun mounted on the top at the same time from so far away, but how? Voodoo magic, man!


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