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email issues with AW
(21-11-2022, 22:35)Miss Deviant Wrote:
(21-11-2022, 19:55)admin Wrote: I think the original leadership/management were really on point. Around the time Justcamit ended AW was bought over by new management, hasnt felt the same since to be honest.

Ah, that explains a few things. If they don't get their act in gear, they'll end up doing an Elon Musk to it. Because I fail to see how it can possibly sustain itself with traffic being the way it is. The big test will be after Christmas when we get the post-Christmas lull. If it survives beyond that, I will be very surprised.

That's exactly what I'm worrying about Miss Deviant, as I'm not on any other sites, but since justcamit was stopped, OnlyFans becoming more popular, there has been less and less traffic , probably due to the constant issues, we shall as you say see if AW survives after the Xmas lull x
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