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Romanian Girls on Adultwork - LoveHotGirls - 29-10-2018

Hi, I have a couple of questions around Romanian girls who live in Romania and register to work on Adultwork.

I have heard that they must all register through the same person and cannot register themselves like girls can do in the UK?

I have also heard they have to commit to certain hours and days to work and have to sign a special contract unlike girls in the UK?

Is this true?

I love the Romanian girls and feel they get a raw deal from this if it is true.

RE: Romanian Girls on Adultwork - admin - 30-10-2018

Hi, they have to be verified by a third party, called

I have not heard of set hours or days.

Extra verification steps from certain countries is needed in order to maintain the integrity of the site.

I have personally logged 13years in this industry and I completely agree 100% with AWs policy. If it were me I would have just banned the whole country.

RE: Romanian Girls on Adultwork - chloesmithuk - 05-07-2022

We have some great European Escorts

RE: Romanian Girls on Adultwork - Queenie500 - 15-07-2022

I don't think it's just the Romanian types. The whole site is just pointless now. 

I guess I just never had much luck on it. Even though you're supposed to be paying these women for their "services" and all, it's a chore even trying to initiate a meeting because of various reasons. Too many to list. But a few can include them not answering their mobile, or the profile is fake, or created by a snobby type. 

At the end of the day, I just don't see the point anymore.

RE: Romanian Girls on Adultwork - roshnikhanna - 01-04-2023

Booked a Romanian She was a good