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Profile removed - FelicityTW - 30-11-2017

Just tried to log in, and it's saying my account has been deactivated- as far as I am aware I have not breached the terms of use- I have had no email or reason to why they have deactivated me, help!

RE: Profile removed - admin - 01-12-2017

Hi, I have messaged admin.


RE: Profile removed - FelicityTW - 01-12-2017

Thank you very much for your help x

RE: Profile removed - admin - 01-12-2017

Hi, its:

"This members profile has been deactivated as she was still requesting payment for Skype sessions via PayPal.

We have warned this member 3 times that this is against our Terms of Use - she has decided to ignore these warnings.

The profile will not be reactivated."