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Hoping you can help me’ I have just requested to leave high society models as I didn’t know Emily’s boyfriend has access to my profile and my private videos . Plus it’s just so bitchy, I get no help, it’s just a pyramid scheme to pay for her luxury life style she flaunts online. I’m not comfortable with this. I explained my reasons and she said I have forfeited my credits!! 809.55 of them!!! 
How do I leave? I can’t even log in now!!!
Someone please help me ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️xox
Hi, High Society Models is a scam group unfortunately, there is a few of them on Adultwork at the moment.

If you cant login anymore complain to

If you can gain access to the profile and want it released click here then click leave group. If there is a credit balance and you wish to keep it whatsapp us on 07547848213 - (for anyone else reading, do this before requesting to leave).

They have 24hours to release the profile after clicking to leave the group, if they dont action within that time then click it again and AW will warn them.

There is a whatsapp group chat for verified AW members if you ever wished to be added to it by the way.