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Full Version: My Dall-e/Craiyon project
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This is an AI that generates images based on a text prompt, it scours millions of already-available public images on the internet and does a lot of maths to generate an image for whatever you type in.

I've been doing prompts for sexwork related terms to see what the AI thinks these should look like. Each term gives different themed results.

"Prostitute"- Mainly images of women full-length in lingerie in seductive poses. Background is often grey-scale and in a bedroom.

"Street prostitute"- Shows images of women dressed in short shorts, a skimpy top and often posting with a handbag. Includes daytime and night results.

"Sexworker"- Mainly images of busty women in crop tops or bikinis. Background tends to be plain and white. Noticeably less "seedy" than the results for prostitute and not very obvious the generated women are prostitutes.

 "Escort"- Similar to the results for sexworker except the generated women are in bikinis, have smaller breasts and have toned bodies. Again there isn't any way to tell from these images the women are prostitutes.

 "Stripper" Images of women in very striking poses, often hands above head or jumping. Wearing colourful bikini sets with accessories like fishnets or high boots. Sometimes fancy lighting.