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Full Version: Help with a agency
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Hi guys, so what am basically looking for is a trustworthy group that offers daily pay, a good % and motivates you too cam and allows you too post credits as I find that really helps me and love seeing all the girls do well! And keeps you updated with any changes and post hints and tips, if anyone knows a good agency like this can ypu please let me know, thanks x
Hi Serena, its going to be: (Club Dailypay)
and (Adultworks Finest Performers)

On the definition of dailypay;

Dailypay = If you work today you are paid tomorrow without requesting it, there is no 24hour wait and your earnings show here

There is a certain group at the moment passing off Payout On Request as "dailypay", if you need to request it and you have to wait the 24hours then its Payout On Request, not dailypay.

They use the words dailypay as another tactic to deceive the members, one of a very long list of sneaky things they do.

With either choice above though, you wont go wrong.