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Word associated game (or not!)
What ever word is written down, you have to write a word after that can not be linked or associated with it. If anyone contests the word and it is agreed that it can be linked or associated with the word before you either have to take a forfit or drink a finger when we get together in August (if you're coming).

I'll start it.

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Associated word game
In this game you have to try and think of a word that is linked or associated with the word written before.

If anyone believes it has no real link or association then you will have to do a forfit or drink a finger if you are meeting up in August with some of us.

I'll start it off again...

Ice cream
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Using the C word..
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A bit of word-play...
I recently came across the 'Grandiloquent Dictionary' - A dictionary of little-used words.

Here is the link... http://www.islandnet.com/~egbird/dict/a.htm

Most forums have a little game like this... I thought we could make it a little more relevant, by finding words we can relate to something we come across in our work or play...

Work your way down through the alphabet when you post... I'll get the game rolling with A... It's quite a tame one though... Don't know how dirty we want to be
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UKPunting use the word "probability"
I have had my sever doubts about ukpunting for a long time and their credibility.

http://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=420.4550 Reply #4572

One member queried Jacob on how he knows certain profiles are fakes

[i][i]Quote from: say hello on Yesterday at 051308 pm
Hey Jacob
I thought that the lady those photos was delicious, they were recent and from the UK. So what made you think that it was a scam that they were not also the MartiniGirl's own photos? I am not disagre
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