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Do you care what happens to your punting fee.
I know we have no way of being 100% sure what happens to the cash we hand over, and neither should we, as its no longer our property, but I do take some care that its going to be used in some way apart going straight to a pimp, or being used for drugs purposes.

The adult industry can be a sleezy business at times, but taking care can asure some things, would you pay for a great service if you knew it could see some of your money going through wrong hands.
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what 5 things couldnt you live without on a desert island
orange lucozade
magic wand
molton brown shower gels
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What frustrates you the most about this this Industry
Men that ring and grunt down the phone "details"
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Tell me what where when why?
I have just been told about this forum by Emily of halifax.
Who runs it, when did it start, and all that jazz please?

Lucy Smile
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what made u decide to punt
guys what sort of factors made u get into the punting scene
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what made u decide to escort
girls what made u decide to join the industry
was it something u had thought about before
were u naive about the perceptions u had

i had thought about it before more out of curiosity, my thoughts very naive at the time thinking that any service the client would want i would have to give even though i didn't enjoy it

i also thought oh u have to be young, very slim with huge firm boobs model kind of type

i actually joined AW for the phonechat back in the end of jan 2009, then was quite
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what site
guys what site do u use most often in your searches
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What for you is more important.
I was asked this by an escort a few months back, and it took me ages to answer in a way that could not be changed, as I had reasons for and against so often that I thought at time I would never get it the right way.

Which of the three is the more important.

Skill, Experiance, Imagination. its not only in love making, but in all espects of life.
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What do YOU enjoy?
Obviously you get paid for your time, and help fulfil the fantasies of others, but what do you enjoy?

What floats your boat?
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What is your favourite item of clothing or accessorie
Mine at the minute is a pair of skin tight black sinny jeans and a pair of moda and pele black patent leather and cream stilhetto shoes
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