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Leaving UK ...but still want to be webcammer
Hi Guys

I have some problem.. Im leaving UK soon.. moving to more sunny place Smile but I still want to be webcammer here. As far as I know there will be additional information on my profile " accesing from" . So my question is: Do I need to change my registration details to my new place ( country) ?? But I still want to be visible to my old friends here on UK AW.. HELPSmile

And one more thing .. If I will be outside UK , then I need to pay taxes in my new place?? or still here?? Im moving p
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being a legitamate webcammer selling movies ect
ok so im going legitamate on becoming a webcammer and phone chat provider but do i need to or shall i say is it ok to also say your selling pics and vids or is that need to be kept hush hush?? any advice also on things i can claim tax on would be a great help aswel pls
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Newbie Webcammer
Hi There, I am a new webcammer on AW. Started at the being of the week. Do you have any tips for newbies.

Had a few e-mail that look a bit dodgy and managed to achieve 200+ credits in the the few hours I work.

Any tips for this newbie
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