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Your own URL

Just thought I'd share this, it's dead easy to register your own domain name and have it redirect to your AW referral link, you don't need to make a web page. Only £10 for .com and of course you can add it to your tax bill, or you could really splash out and get .xxx.

Don't forget to spend a few extra quid on the whois privacy option.

Anyway, just sayin'.
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Short Url
Do you ever need to shorten a long url? There are plenty of sites around so here is a new one.


You can create a url that is as short as 1 letter after the domain and check the stats to see how many times it is clicked.

Sarah x x x
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Setting up [url=http://MyFreeCams.com]MyFreeCams.com[/url] Daily pay
I closed my old account with MyFreeCams.com as instructed and have filled in the daily pay form to create a new account etc probably once a week over the past month but I haven't heard anything at all back? Sorry to be a pain but really want to get set back up on there.
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Is it permitted to show a URL ( website) on images etc.
I understand that as long as the site has a reciprocal link to Adultwork it is permitted.
I am talking in term of my photographers site link.
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