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sorry guys, completely pointless moan.... only you lovely lot will understand
so I have this guy on aw giving me a really hard time, he owes me feedback and I don't have the facility to block on justcamit so being blunt and telling him to sod off isn't an option.

he first emailed me asking if id be happy to do a particular story on directIm, it sounded fun so I agreed.... the follow up email is where it starting getting a little weird, he sent me the story again but with lots and lots of detail along with a list of do's and don'ts that took up 2 sides of an a4 sheet. h
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how does free chat work, dont understand settings please help
hi, i am new to camming and have done some direct cam work, but cant get my head around the settings for free chat, i dont know how much this affects if you get customers or not but havent been offering it because when i did i never knew how long free chat lasted?? please help, any details on how it works would help

thanks evie xoxo
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