Author: crystal denison - Replies: 10 - Views: 6754
thought i shud say hello
joined the site a while ago , but didnt post until today so thought id say Hi xx
Author: Vlodina - Replies: 15 - Views: 15203
Thought you might find this funny.
I had a person come into my freeview the other week, who had a feminine name, who started slagging me off, calling me a cheap slut etc, and that I should get a real job etc. Although funny, it was not good for overall atmosphere of my room, hence she got banned. Anyway, today I was having a look at my kicked list (which only actually has 3 people in it) and decided to look her up. She's an escort! And a cheap one! Who's she to judge?! Big Grin

Normally I really don't mind other ops coming in and ch
Author: English Kate - Replies: 32 - Views: 30389
Who'd Have Thought It?
I watched this on a recording of the Hotel Inspector tonight and discovered it is in Kent. I can't find a lot of info on it, so am wondering if it is still open?

Does anyone know anything about the place and has anyone ever stayed there? If so, what did you think?

Author: Ana_X - Replies: 4 - Views: 4890
I thought the forum was supposed to be private?
Just thought I'd bring this up. I've been offline for the greater part of the weekend and whilst on a break away decided to pop back to see if there were any updates on the nudity in freechat situation by checking in on my iphone.

I didn't need to log in and saw every thread here as well as the other areas of the forum. I thought this part of the website was supposed to be for service provider eyes only?

Just thought to mention. Anyone else noticed this?
Author: x_chelsea_x - Replies: 19 - Views: 13453
Just thought I'd introduce myself
Hi everyone, just thought I'd post here & say hi Smile I do webcam in my spare time & like getting to know new people. I've just signed up to Twitter under my AW name so if anyone wants to follow me - @xchelseax4 & I'll follow you back Smile

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunny day
Author: hornygirl1991 - Replies: 8 - Views: 7339
Thought I would say hi
I've lurked on this site for awhile but finally thought I would say hi and hopefully get chatting to people x
Author: littlemisstrouble - Replies: 18 - Views: 11567
Just thought i would say "Hi"
Well Ive been a member of AW now for a couple of months and am really enjoying it. Can honestly say MOST of the guys Ive spoken to and had any dealings with have been real gentlemen, obviously we cant win them all eh lol. xx

I wanted to also ask, does any of you think is it best to chat for free (set to the min amount of time) or just log in straight away with group & private only obviously i still do my webcam bookings. Reason i ask is that i feel that people want to chat with me for ages a
Author: Ms Dee - Replies: 3 - Views: 2845
Just a thought for the day...
I know it is a really stressfull time for everybody right now and it does not help that we have antagonists who only make it worse.

Not knowing what is happening from hour to hour is stressfull, but you are doing nothing more than causing yourself a load of headache and sleepless nights.  It has only been a few days that we have not received a payment which is understandeable and unfortunately something that is not anybodies fault.

There are laws and regulations that AW have to follow and
Author: misslilliejonesuk - Replies: 130 - Views: 62005
Still not being paid. Thought everything was back to normal?
I thought the pay had gone back to normal???

I requested a payout last week on Wednesday for Friday... its now Sunday!

I'm owed £286.87 to date as haven't been paid since the 11th

Iv hardly been coming on adultwork anymore as i never know when I'm getting my money... So unreliable... and never answer emails what is going on?

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