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Credits on Adultwork all spent
Didnt know adultwork had a forum but here goes. I logged in a few days ago to find all my credits gone, this was a couple of weeks worth, nearly 400 credits

My history page says I spent them all on movies and private galls but I didnt. I was in complete shock and googled this, I found these forums and seen I had to contact adultwork.

I have done this but adultwork say i DID spend the credits without a doubt, that the account has only been accessed by my ip address and no others.

Im in d
Author: LanaXXO - Replies: 2 - Views: 2638
I need a straight answer on how credited vouchers are spent...please!
I have vouchers which I have redeemed and were listed on my credits page same as cash. ( I am aware that vouchers can only be used to purchase AW things including featuring and are not cash) For the life of me though, I cannot figure out how to properly spend them! I have emailed AW, and got some cryptic message that had nothing to do with my issue.

When I buy a feature, how can I set vouchers to be taken instead of cash? I am mainly concerned because I had some last month in my account and
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