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cutting a booking short
following kate's thread on declining a booking

guys did have u ever had to cut a booking short if it wasnt what u thought

girls have u ended a booking

my reasons have been

the minute they walk in it's your doing this without even a hello
one's who have the attitude that escorts are disgusting dirty things
bugging me constantly for services not offered
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Short Messages!
Although the majority of guys are very respectful when sending a message. A nice piece of chat and they end with a name - sometimes a kiss!... I do get a few that send me the one liners.... like..

'Hey babe u free atm'

'Can I see ya in 5 mins'

'You free at 6pm'

Not disrespectful and they are to the point, but in my opinion a little short, especially when they come from a guy I've not seen before!

I don't answer short messages that clearly show no intention of booking me but with t
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Short Url
Do you ever need to shorten a long url? There are plenty of sites around so here is a new one.


You can create a url that is as short as 1 letter after the domain and check the stats to see how many times it is clicked.

Sarah x x x
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Today's payment short
Hello dailypay

I've received my pay for yesterday's work but its come up short by quite a bit.

I made 251 credits which should have been about £150 but instead I have only received £89. Could you check this please?

Thank you in advance.

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Pay very slightly short today
Hi Admin

Just a quick message, as my pay looks to be very slightly short today (just over £3)

From the look of it, the pre-booked webcam session I did has been charged at the direct cam rate of 41% instead of the pre-booked webcam rate of 36%.

If you can check and send over the missing amount it would be great - always seems silly to mention such small discrepancies, but every little counts!

Thank you :-) x
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Short Term Apartment Share - AirBnb
Hey Girls,

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out the easiest way to do this and figured I myself didn't have the time to be messaging various ladies on AW plus I didn't want anyone to think I was a Spammer  Confused so here goes  Idea

I have been camming/escorting on and off for the last 10 years, the past year full time ish in between the parents flying off to sunny spain for holiday (I can't cam when they are here, they do know what I do to an extent but I have found I lost a l
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