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Which Roleplay is your Favourite?
I Enjoy being a Dirty Skool Slut!Tongue

Mistress to sad small worms out there!!Angry

Do you enjoy roleplaying?Huh

Which ones do you enjoy doing?Big Grin
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Any recommendations for a good native English speaking escort who genuinely enjoys roleplay.
95% of Escorts list roleplay as a "like" but depressingly few have a clue.
I'm not being at all racist when I say native English speaking, it's just that foreign girls struggle with a roleplay scenario if English isn't their first language although I'm prepared to be proved wrong.
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Ms. Helena Bentley ~ 3 day roleplay extravaganza!
This week only gents! Lots of taboo roleplay fun to be had on DirectIM, what are you waiting for? Click below Wink

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Queen SylvySinclair
Its very nice to be here and introduce myself to this magnificent community!

Im Sylvy, 36 yrs old, from São Paulo - Brasil - and Im an expert in domination. I speak good english as well as portuguese nd italian, so I probably cover a few nationalities.

My shows are mainly of domination, humiliation and roleplays. Taboos are welcome.

To visit me, pls click the link: [color=#4c006f][size=x-small]https://www.adultwork.com/QueenSylvySinclairUK[
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