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Oddest Cam request
Whats the most unusual thing you have been asked to do on cam?
Author: MaxandSophia-Elite - Replies: 0 - Views: 2080
Weirdest Request for an escort couple??
Hi guys!

We wondered what the weirdest request by a client was for an escort couple or solo??

Care to share? :-)

Max and Sophia xxx

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A request
Dear Admin,

It would be greatly appreciated by us who have stuck by if you could possibly consider giving us a closed forum for i.e. warnings, personal discussions with regards to any problems we might have on AW, clients etc.

I know you have your concerns with regards to this but perhaps you could only make it visible to those of us who are genuine service providers. A lot more people will be using AWF due to it being linked closely to AW. And to me it was a great way of letting of stea
Author: sarahxxx - Replies: 16 - Views: 14154
Booking Request
I do not take bookings requests on AW unless you have contacted me first to confirm the time and date with me, yet I have just had this booking made without the guy getting in touch with me, even though my phone number is clearly displayed

Booking 26/05/2012 212328 xxx (2) View Profile 1hr(s) for 120 GBP on 26/05/2012 at 1:00:00
Call xxxx on 4477934XXXXX on 26/05/2012 01:30-23:00. In-Call

My profile also clearly states that I am not taking in-calls till Tuesday.

Some guys really n
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strange request from client
I've just had a message requesting photos taken on a low quality camera / phone holding a sign saying 'hi haley lylljt'
this sounds very strange to me. what could it be for?
obviously i've declined but could anything be at risk here?
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transfer request form says i have negative balance
it said my actual balance was £48 more than my actual credit balance

it said on transfer request form that i had spent money using services, but i havn't

so it said "click here to fix this problem of £48", i clicked it, and it then charged me 0.01p on my credit statement and says

"Credit Transfer Req. Fix - Credits from Previous"

dont get it.

how can my balance be £48 more than my credits, then i click a button, and it wipes the £48 from my balance Huh
Author: Kinkyguy - Replies: 6 - Views: 5809
Odd fetish / request
One of the things i like the most is getting someone off, especially going down on someone or playing with toys. Would it be considered weird for a punter to meet up with someone and ask for nothing in return? Say like go down on someone for a whole hour?
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Odd request maybe?
Hi all

I've just stumbled across this forum by mistake, I've been a member on aw for a long time though.

Anyway, I'm looking for an escort who can help. I have a fantasy of playing with a female whilst she's sleeping or at least pretend sleeping. I don't know if there's a name for this but I did see a film called sleeping beauty which nailed it on the head for me.

Do we know of anyone in the midlands that could fulfil my fantasy?
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UK Bank Account Transfer Request Form
Hey guys!

I noticed that AW have added the "UK Bank Account Transfer Request Form" on the credits transfer thingy... if I'm right in thinking, They did this before but it was not long until they took it down... you reckon it is for keeps this time round?

Also if you have used it can you please give me and idea on how its used and how long it takes for the money to be transferred into the bank account?
Author: indiannaxrose - Replies: 5 - Views: 5544
How to request a daily pay transfer??
I signed up for daily pay a while ago now and input the wrong debit card details so i updated them on the link they sent me with new ones a few days ago. My payout was set to "upon request" which i have now changed to Daily. I messaged the admin of adult work a few days ago to ask for a transfer and have no reply, no money in the bank and 450 credits on Adult work, when will they do this??
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