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Photo and Movie Posting Rules
Picture Posting Rules
  • You must use an image hosting service that allows adult content and insert the image into the thread using the 'Insert Image' feature.
  • Avoid posting photos of hardcore content, alternatively post them as links.
  • It is preferred that you post images as thumbnails.
  • DO NOT hotlink to an image. This means linking to an image from a site that isn't an image hosting service.
  • All images must be accompanied by a link to content owne
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Posting pictures
How to I post pictures that are not on the internet but are just in my documents file

Answers in very basic english please as I am a pure technophobe
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Posting a blog
[color=#FF0000]Before posting a blog here, could you please go to the introduction section and introduce yourself. We are trying to encourage people to take an active part in the forum socially in all the forums before taking advantage of the free advertising here, we are all a very friendly bunch and would like to see new members contributing more.

Anyone found to be advertising without contributing to the rest of the forum will have their adverts, events, tours, blogs removed. Remember, th
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directcam online status not posting to twitter
ive checked the box to say post a status but nothing is happening. am I missing something?
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You may promote yourself here if you are an Adultwork service provider only.

Dailypay members may request their adverts to be stickied.

Adverts from non Adultwork providers and those deemed to be suspect will be deleted.

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Are there rules for posting old pictures in profiles?
Am the only person who has been strongly attracted to a model based on the primary pic used only to find the person in free chat or group or private is many years older than the pictures they posted, or much heavier?? Live View has definitely been a step forward in filtering out members who look totally different, but I would like to know if there are rules for this, and if not why not?

Somewhat related to this is the apparent lack of functionality of the AW website to truly filter members fr
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Question about earnings when posting vids
Hi there,

I am currently a punter on AW, however I am interested in filming my sessions and uploading them on to my profile.  Can I just ask does anyone know if someone pays for credits to view my content, will I get any profit/money back in return somehow? I am thinking of making money through AW this way if it's at all possible.

Anyone who's got answers please let me know, thank you

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Posting items to someone who is no longer active?
Hey gals (and guys!)

Help! This hasn't happened before.... I spent the last three days working on two pairs of panties including 45 minutes yesterday on a custom video. (This guy has bought off me before).  Then the other day he had a little red number next to his name which I clicked on and it said he was believed to have other aliases too.... never thought anything more if it, doesn't matter to me if he has a few profiles on AW after all.

Anyway, just gone on today to the marketplace to
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