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How many people see the same person lots of time.
I just wonder how many escorts see the same client lots of times or should I say how many people see the same escort girl lots of times? Do you like seeing the same perosn again and again or do you like to see lots of different people?
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Well, that's one person who knows...
As I mentioned last summer on this thread , I once met a Spanish escort who didn't speak English, and whose timetabling was so bad that I met both the guy before me and the guy after me (this is the only occasion so far that I have encountered other clients).

What I didn't mention at the time was that the first guy looked familiar. I was trying not to look at him as we passed in the hotel corridor, but he had a distinctive appearan
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Picture does not match person advertised
I'm trying to get an AW for a while now, but this time keep receiving the message that my verification photo does not match the person advertised. Both my verification picture and the pictures I had onlie are me, both made by myself with the same camera. All very recently. The pictures in the add don't even include a facial picture. How can I solve this problem? Uploading pictures ten times again does not seem to help. Is it because the date of birth in my ID conflicts with the age in the ad? Do
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