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what 5 things couldnt you live without on a desert island
orange lucozade
magic wand
molton brown shower gels
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AW new live presenter application
Anyone seen this yet. I got the newsletter this morning and saw the advert for it. They have used the gorgeous Kinkydirtybitch to demo the technology.

Too expensive for me, will wait till they bring the price down.
BTW they say that the girls signing up for this are getting around £300 extra earnings, don't know how they can prove that as there is no one using it yet except for KDB as far as I can see.
Just seen the thread about this, it was available back in September, why didn't w
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Live punishment show NOW (6pm GMT+1)
I'm going online now to get punished by Sir.

He flogs me for being a filthy slut...........I am

Please see my profile for more info.

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New Cam Site Live Now - xCammy! www.xCammy.com
xCammy.com is an international cam site who went live last month. We are looking for new Studios and Models to join us!

*Our payout is a direct 75% guaranteed which is the highest in the industry*

xCammy is part of Cammy Network. The Cammy Network is new and growing bigger each day. xCammy is the first of many websites that the Cammy Network has launched.

This new site has been designed as a "Referral site". This means you should refer your fans to this website and earn
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i live between coronation st and emmerdale farm
im in barnoldswick and im looking for large chested ladies in my area, could anyone recommend ladies for me.

im also having trouble logging on as the server wont connect on my iphone as the spam settings have been enabled could anyone advise how i may resolve this.

very kind regards to the forum for their comments
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Do you live in Manchester? Busty Vanessa is waiting
Busty escort Vanessa just listed her profile and she is a genuine beauty. For details on how to contact her and spend quality time with her visit her page on UK Escorts Finder
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I bid on a reverse booking. He emails asking for a face pic to which I obliged. His only response was to ask for more, to which I politely replied saying I think the one I sent was sufficient as he could clearly see my face. That was at 3pm.

At 6.50 pm he makes the booking for the one I bid on which was for 8pm. Along with a list of what he expects me to wear and to also say the booking is now for 10pm. 

I pointed out that I haven't heard off him for four hours and that he can't just make
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Had one meet where a guy watched us play and was great fun and he's now a repeat client. He finds it a turn on not being able to watch and then has meets lined up afterwards.

Has anyone done this or interested in watching at all?

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Live in Ireland. Tour in the UK
Hey guys,

I have a question. I live in Ireland but next year during one of my UK visits I may decide to advertise in the UK for a few days at a time.

I see how a tour can be set up, but can I appear in the main search settings, say when a member looks up service providers in Manchester? I can't change my regional settings to the UK as I'm registered in Ireland, but I've seen UK escorts advertising on the Irish search pages.


Many thanks in advance.

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Says I live in the UK but I live In the US. Won't let me verify my number.

I'm trying to verify my number so I can change my profile and let people know I'm offering services. However it says that my country code is 44. That's for UK, I live in the US and I can't seem to find the Us in the drop down menu. Please help!
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